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Shreejana Law Firm (Adv.Chandeshwor Shrestha)

Hours Open:
9AM- 5PM
9AM- 5PM
9AM- 5PM
9AM- 5PM
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9AM- 5PM
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Practice Area: Taxation, Civil etc

Education & Qualification:
Diploma-in- Law; Diploma-in-Commerce


Professional Status: A. Advocate, Supreme Court Nepal,
B. Ex-Member, Disciplinary Committee, NEPAL BAR COUNCIL.
C. Proprietor, SHREEJANA LAW FIRM, Lalitpur.
(VAT No. 500050521)
D. Member, Nepal Council for Arbitration
E. Member, Nepal Law Society.

Other status : Ex-Chairman, Patan Hospital Development committee,

Career History:

Professional Experiences- A. Active legal practice as a partner in Everest Law Firm (senior partner Senior Advocate Shambhu Pd. Gyawali)- Since 25/07/1976-31/01/1987.
B. At present, own law chamber- SHREEJANA LAW FIRM, Lalitpur( Since Feb.01, 1987) with other associate Advocates.
C. Specialites in Revenue, Corporate & Civil cases of Business
organistions, bankers & co-operative organisations
D. General Practice in other legal fields.
E. Member, Interim Constitution Drafting Committee(2063)
F. Member, Disciplinary Committee, Nepal Bar Council (since 4 years)
G.Member, Nepal Council of Arbitration
Job experiences as an arbitrator & lawyer in several cases
H. Member, Nepal Bar Council (2001-2005)

I. Member, Central Executive Committee, Nepal Bar Association (1991-1993).
J. Secretary, Supreme Court Bar Association (1988-89)
K. Member, Central Legal Aid Committee, Norwegian Bar
Association & NEBA’s twin Project (1991-2000)
L.Chairman, Lalitpur Bar Association (1982-87)

Legal Practice fields: a. Law Chamber- SHREEJANA LAW FIRM, Pulchowk, Lalitpur.
b. Supreme Court Nepal.
c. Appealete Courts.
d. Revenue Tribunals, Inland Revenue Department
e. Arbitration Tribunal, Labour Court and other tribunals.
f. District Courts and all related offices.


Social Involvement: A. Ex-Chairperson, Patan Hospital Development committee.
B. President, Chakupat-Bagaldon-Khattal Tole Sudhar Committee, Chakupat, Lalitpur-22.
C. Co-ordinator, Preprimary Section, Shreechandi Ma.Vi., Chakupat, Lalitpur.
D. Life Member, Nepal Red Cross Society, Lalitpur.
E. Life Member, Heart Foundation, Lalitpur.

Foreign Visits: A. As a International Election Observer, Bangladesh’s General Election 2001.
B. North Korea.
C. India