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Advocate Amita Bhandary Dixit

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Education & Qualification:

Bachelor in Law, Tribhuvan University


License No. 1947 (since 1988A.D 2045 B.S. to date)
Member, Nepal Law Society
Present Member of Nepal Bar Association.
• Worked in House Reporting Section of the parliament. ( 1975-1985)
• Secretariat in Samsad Sachibalaya. ( 1985-1988)
• Served as a Program officer in Rural Development Foundation. (1988 -1991)
• Devoted time to the Nepal Law Society as a member. (1988-till date)
• Worked as a panel lawyer of Supreme Court and Nepal Bar Association. (1988-till date)
• Worked as a legal advisor for Nepal Rastriya Banijaya Bank. (2006-2007)
• Worked as a legal advisor for Nepal Telecom. (2006-2008)
• Worked as an legal advisor in Centre for Empowerment of Innovation
and Development. (CEMID) (Jul 09-Sep 09)
• Currently working as a legal advisor of Nepal Engineering College. (2000-till date)
• Currently working in a private, self owned law firm, Legal Service Centre. (2000-2012)
• Working as a Secretariat of Society for Promotion of Rule of Law. (2009-till date)


Articles Published in (Nepali Newspaper):
Published three articles in Nepali Samachar Patra.
• ‘Sambhidhan Shaba ra Mahila Haruko Istithi’,
• ‘Sambhidhan shaba ra Shamabesikaran’,’
Published articles in Rajdhani Dainik : ( A Nepali National Daily)
• ‘Nagrikta Sambhadi Namuna Nirnaya’. Jun12, 11
• ‘Kagaj ma Simit Baal Adhikar.’ Sep 15,11
• ‘Pradhanmantri Jhu, Kaam Garnuhos !’ Oct 11,11
• ‘Kanoon Cha Karyanayan Chaina.’ Nov 6,11
• ‘Adalat Ma Almal.’ Nov 25,11
• ‘Baki kaam cha Mahinama.’ Dec 8,11
• Antarim Samsad Chunauti ra Shambhabana’.


• Participated and conducted legal literacy Programs in different district. (2050-till date)
• Participated in Gender Justice and Equality Programs. (1995)
• Attended the seminar on Environment law. (2002)
• Participated in 4 days “Women Lawyers Training Program “conducted by European Union. (2006)
• Participated in 5 days, “Court Case Mediation Programme”, by UNDP/ Enhancing Access to Justice.(2007)
• Participated in 3 days , “Intellectual Property in Practice : How to Protect and Enforce IP Rights” (2007)
• Participated in 3 days “International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law”. (2007)

Research and Program Experience:

• Participated in Programme in 60 districts Organized by Nepal Law Society and Norwegian (1992-1994)
Bar Association.
• Assistant Manger Human Rights Literacy Programme under Juvenile Justice of
(Grade 8, 9and 10) in Padma Kanya, and Bijay Memorial School (1999)


Associate Research Team Member in different study activities undertaken under the auspices of
Nepal Law Society and International Commission of Jurist ( ICJ)/ Nepal Section such as:
•The research team member constituted for preparation of the report titled “What Compelled the
Bhutanese Citizens to flee to Nepal as Refugees” By the ICJ/ Nepal Section. (1994)
•Member in the Preparation team for “Village Development Committee Member’s
Hand Book”, implemented by Nepal Law Society. (1991 – 1197)

International Cases:

• Handled ‘ Divorce Cases’ Of Non-Residential Nepalese in UK (2000)
• Handled ‘Divorce Cases’ of Indian Nationality. (2005)
• Handled ‘Divorce Cases’ of Japanse Nationality, Mr. Tanaka and Nepali Ms. Fulmaya (2010)
• Handled ‘Immigration Law and Visa Extension’ of Chinese Nationality. (2010)