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Shreejana Law Firm (Adv. Ujwal Shukla)

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Education & Qualification:

Diploma-in-Law (B. L.) from “Nepal Law Campus”, 2058 B.S. (2001 A.D.)


1. Advocate, Superme Court Nepal.
2. Associate lawyer, SHREEJANA LAW FIRM, Lalitpur.
3. Vice Coordinator, legal literacy sub-committee, Lalitpur Bar Association.
4. Mediator, Lalitpur District Court.
5. Company Secretary, Sri Ram Sugar mills Ltd.

Career History:

1. Have been practicing active legal field since 29th May 2002.
I represent In Company Law, Revenue Law & Civil Law in Company Registrar Office, Revenue Tax Office & in each courts of Nepal. My experience includes company registration, pleading, legal drafting, review of documents, advising clients.
2. Council Member, Nepal Bar Association, Central Executive Council (2006-2008)
3. Have been working as Mediator since 12th December 2005.
4. CA Election Observer (since 1th April 2008 to 2th May 2008)
5. Legal Coordinator of Amnesty International (AI) Nepal Group-61 Lalitpur since June 2003 to May 2005.
6. National Executive-Group Member, International Legal Network AI Nepal (2005).
7. Executive Member, Lalitpur Bar Association (2008-2011).
8. Member, Publication committee, Nepal Bar Association (2007-2010)


 PBM Compatible courses from “RARAnet Computer Institute, Lalitpur”.
Courses referred Ms Word, Excel, Power Point, and Fundam ental & MS DOS from 21th Jan. 2005 to 22th April 2005.