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Moonlight Legal and Research Centre Pvt.Ltd. (Adv. Dr. Chandra Kanta Gyawali(PhD)

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Education & Qualification:

Ph.D. in Constitutional Law, entitled, “Peoples Sovereignty under the Nepalese Constitution Law: A Critical Study .
LLM in Constitutional Law, 2000 ,Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University
Master Degree in Sociology / Anthropology, 1994, Kirtipur, Tribhuvan University
Master Degree in Political Science, 1992, Kirtipur, Tribhuvan University
Bachelor Degree in Law, 1990, Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University
Certificate Level Law 1987, Nepal Law Campus Tribhuvan University
S.L.C Board of Nepal, 1985


Diploma in Office Application, 2002, Mulit-Merge,
Lalitpur, Nepal
Computer Training on MS Dos, Ms Word Perfect, Excel, Power Point, Multimedia, Power Point, Email and Internet.
Orientation Training on Gender Studies 2001 Feb, 11-17, Jointly Organized by the Development of Sociology / Anthropology, Patan Multiple Campus and Oxfam Nepal.
Orientation Training on” Water Drinking Progarmme 1994, D. E. Consultancy of RWSSFDB through Asian Development Bank
Completed the Public Speaking course of the American Language Center’s Professional English Program on September26,2003
Completed Personality Development Course from the British Council, 2006, November to Jan . 2007.

Career History:

From 1991 to date:
Employer: Supreme Court
Position Held: Advocate
Description of Duties: Practicing various civil, Criminal, Commercial and especially Constitutional Cases (More than 1400 including P.I.L.) as an advocate .

From Feb. 1,2000 to date
Employer: Patan Multiple Campus, Sociology/ Anthropology Department, T.U.
Position Held: Lecturer.
Description of Duties: Teaching as lecturer for Master Degree program of Anthropology and guiding thesis for Master Degree student’s as internal and external expert.

From 2010 to date
Employer: Constitutional Lawyers Forum (CLAF (NGO)
Position Held: Researcher (Chair Person)
Description of duties :Research on Constitution Making Process And Strengthening rule of law
Jan 1, 2001 to Date
Employer: Udaya Consultancy, Baneshowar, Kathmandu.
Position Held: Socio / legal Consultant.
Description of Duties: Evaluation of Project. (e.g. Out off Ring-road project and Bagmati River Basin Project)

Sep 1 to Dec 30, 2011
Employer: AFDN, Lagimpat, Handicap, International
Position Held: Team Leader, (Constitutional Expert)
Description of Duties: Legal Mapping of CRPD

From 2009 Jan to 2010
Employer:ADDCN and Water Aid project
Position Held : Constitutional Expert(researcher)
Description of duties: Formulation of Legal Policy

From 2000 to 2010
Employer: Campaign for Good -Governance, Babar Mahal Kathmandu, Nepal (NGO)
Position Held: President
Description of Duties: Management and Support to CAGG

July 16, 2003 to 2010
Employer: Metro College, New Baneshowar, Kathmandu.
Position held: Board member
Description of Duties: Decision making and policy formulating.

From 2007 to 2008 Feb
Employer: DDA, Canedian Bar Association and Nepal Bar Association Project
Position Held Constitutional Expert
Description of duties : Research on Procedure of Constituent Assembly

Jan 1, 2005 to 2007
Employer: Fulbright Consultancy, Maitidevi, Kathmandu.
Position Held: legal expert
Description of Duties: Formulation of Legal Policy and Institutional Structure for Integrated Water Resources Management in a River Basin Context
Master plan of Tourism 2004 to2007.

July 30, 2003 to 2004
Employer: Nepal Integrated College, Dillibazar, Kathmandu.
Position Held: Associate Professor (Course Contact)
Description of Duties: Teaching for B. B. S. 2nd year, commercial Law.

From April 19, 1999 to 2006
Employer: Nepal Engineering Collage (Affiliated to Pokhara University Changunarayan, Bhakatpur, Nepal.
Position Held: Associate Professor
Description of Duties: Teaching, Sociology / Anthropology, Reserch and Law for B.E. Architecture 5th Year Programme.

From July 15 1991 to 2000
Employer: Nepal Bar Association, Legal Aid Project through Norwegian Bar Association.
Position Held: Facilitator
Description of Duties: Women and Children Paralegal and Legal Literacy Training Programme.

From Dec 19th 2001 -2003
Employer UNDP through Ministry of Law and Justice ( HMG of Nepal)
Position Held: Socio/ Legal -Consultant
Description of Duties: Legal Study on Arbitration Board And Rule of law (Local Self-Govt. Act 2055)
: To prepared field study and submit the field study reports to UNDP
(Banke Bardia, Dhankuta, and Kaski, District.)

From May 22, 2002 to May 21, 2003
Employer: Nepal Engineering College, Activity Committee
Position Held: Selected as a Neck Activity Committee Member
Description of Duties: To work for “ Redrafting the Role of Education for FMIS Knowledge Promotion.

From 15 Nov 1997 to 30 Jan. 2000
Employer: Patan Multiple Campus, Sociology / Anthropology Department, Tribhuvan University.
Position Held: Part time Lecturer
Description of Duties: Teaching for Master Degree program (Sociology / Anthropology)

From 1994 to 2000
Employer: D.E.Consultancy Pvt.Ltd.Kathmandu, Nepal
Position Held: Sociologist
Desctoption of Duties: To make and prepare field study in the given District (Water Drinking Schemes) and submitted the field study report to D.E. Cosultancy and Fund Board of ADB

From 16 April 1998 to April 1999
Employer: Engineering Campus Pulchowk
Position Held: Part Time Lecturer
Description of Duties: Teaching for B.E. Architecture III Year Programme

From March 12, 1995 to March 11, 1998
Employer: Local Development Centre Lalitpur, Gabahal, Nepal (NGO)
Position Held: President
Description of Duties: Management and support to Local Development Programme.

From July 13. 1995 July 12, 1996
Employer: Community Development and Health Project, Lalitpur, United Mission to Nepal
Position Held: Facilitator
Description of Duties: Woman Legal Right and Literacy Training Program.

From April 16, 1991 to April 15 1994
Employer: Institute for Legal Research and Resources (ILRR)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Position Held: Facilitator (Team- Leader)
Description of Duties: Formation of Committee at Local Level
Interactions, Motivation and Awaireness Campaign (Woman Para Legal) Para Legal Training Project

From 12-8-1990 to 11-2-1991
Employer: Lalitpur District Court
Position Held: Paid Lawyer (Govt.Lawyer)
Description of Duties: Practicing various, Criminal, Civil, Commercial and Constitutional Cases .

Form 1987-1991
Employer: Appellate Court
Position Held: Pleader
Description of Duties: Practicing as pleader, in various Civil and Criminal cases.

From 1986-1987
Employer: Lalitpur District Court
Position Held: “Lekhandas”

Dynamic Saving and crediet cooperative limited,Babrmahal kathmandu.
Tourism Saving and crediet cooperative limited,Babrmahal kathmandu.
• Paryabaraniya Munch Nepali Magazine from 1996 to 2001
• Gyawali Guthi of Kathmandu , form 1997 to date
• Gulmeli Society (NGO) from 2001 Jan. to date
• Campaign for Environment Protection Society (NGO)in Kavre District
• Laliguransh Finance Company Pvt .Ltd .Lalitpur , Nepal (Feb,1,1997to date)
• Nuclear Society of Nepal (N.G.O.) from May 2005 to date.


• President, Constitutional Lawyears Forum (2010 to 2012(CLAF)

• Vice President of Astha Ja Avhiayan 2008 to Date.
• Vice president of LLm. Alumnai Association 2004 to date.
• Member of Central Bar Council From Supreme Court Bar Association (2003 to date)
• Chair Person of Civil Liberty NGO (2012 to date)
• Coordinator of Amnesty International Nepal, Lawyers Group 46 , Lalitpur (2004 to 2010)
• Executive Member of Nepal Council of World Affairs (2003-2005) and 2005 to 2007.
• Executive Member of legal research and profession promotion committee of Central Bar Association of Nepal (2001 to date)
• Executive Member of Nepal Chapter of International PEN 2013 to date
• Joint Coordinator, Constitutional Committee of Supreme Court Bar Association
• Member of Sociology/Anthropology of SASON (1999 to date)
• Secretary of Amnesty International Nepal, Lawyers Group 46 Lalitpur (2001 -2003)
• Executive Member of Nepal Bar Association, Lalitpur Bar Unit (1991-1992)
• Member of Central Bar Council from Lalitpur Bar Unit (1993-1995)
• Member of Central Bar Council from Supreme Court Bar Association (1997-1999)


Books and Articles
 Author Peoples” Sovereignty and Constitutionalism , 2013
 Author-Electoral System and Voting Process , 2013
 Electoral Administration and Electoral Law, 2013
 Co-Editor-Contemporary Law Journal, 2012

 Author -Nationality, Equality and statelessness on Citizenship, 2011
 Author- Federalism in the World, 2011
 Author-Nepalese Constitutional Law,2011

 Author- Federal Systems of Government and Electoral System, March, 2007.
 Author- Constitution, Constitutionalism, Constituent Assembly and State Restructuring – 2006 June
 Author- Constitutionalism, Constituent Assembly and Electoral System 2007
 Author-Federal System and Restructuring of the State, 2008
 Co –Editor –Contemporary Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 2012
 Co-Editor-Contemporary Law Journal, 2012
 Co-Author- A look At Europe, 2009.
 Co-author and Editor- Local Government in the World Perspectives: Some Constitutional experiences 2009 Jan.
 Member of editorial Board, Proceedings on Indo – Nepal Economic Cooperation 2005 (Nepal Council of World Affairs).
 Journal- Editor, Annual Journal, 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 (NCWA)
 Co-author and Editor -Codification of “ Supreme Court Criminal Precedent “ Published in 1995


 Published the researchable articles of “Bote Manjhi Janjati Ko Baibahik Parampara Eak Jeudo Sanskrity, dated on 2053/12/23 in Gorkhapatra.
 Published the researchable article in the Socio-Anthropological point of view on “Gurung Jati Ko Samakik Sanskar” dated on 2054/11/9 in Gorkhapatra.
 Published the researchable article in the title of “Some Premises of Sovereign Power of People of Nepal” in Essay on Constitution Law, volume 37.
 Published the researchable article in the title of “Are the Nepalese People Realy Sovereign? Practice in Nepal” in Discourse, Volume 4.
 Published the researchable paper in the title of “Public Interest Litigation and Judicial Activism” in Nayadute, Volume 126.
 Published the researchable paper on the issue of role of Judiciary in Protection of Human Rights in Nayadute, Volume 1 special issue of Conference’s of Nepal Bar Association dated 2056.
 Published the article in the title of Dissolution of Parliament of Nepal on the occasion, Golden Jubilee of Supreme Court Bar Association.
 Published the researchable Working Paper entitiled “Sociology of Law and Social interest Litigation in Nepal, in Nayadute Vol. II , espical issue of conference of Nepal Bar Association 2003.
 Published the researchable article in titled “Exercise of Sovereign Power, Kanun Vol. 37, 2004
 More than 129 articles and Periodical related to legal, political and social periphery in different Journal (Gorkhapatra, Kantipur, Space Time, Nayadut, Nazir, Discourse , Kanoon etc.)
 Kanoon, researchable article entitled, “Federal judicial system in the global Perspective,2007.
 Local Democracy ,researchable article , Federal System of Govenment in the World Perstective and its Proposed model of restructuring in Nepal, 2008 dec.
 More than 300 articles in political, legal constitutional and Sociological concept, published in various National News Papers such as Gorkhapatra, Kantipur, Samachar patra , Himalayan, Samaya, Rajdhani, Aannapurna post ect., since 1992to date.

Awarded Certificate

• Nepal Bar Council Excellent Award to Nepali Constitutional Law 2013
• Promotion and protection of Nationality and legal Awarded , 2011

• Youth Ambassador of 2008, awarded by Relic Nepal on July 2008.
• Practicing on Public Interest Litigation cases in Supreme Court as Advocate, awarded certificate by “Swotantra Bichar Manch”, 2058
• Awarded from Amnesty International of Nepal Section on the Contribution of Human Rights Promotion and Protection (2002 Feb.)
• Awarded from various N.G.O.s and Organization, on the contribution of C.A. training program 2006to 2007.