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IB Law Associates (Adv.Bishnu Maya Bhusal)

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Education & Qualification:
• Master Degree in Law (LL.M) , 2009 Nepal Law Campus ,Tribhuvan University, Nepal Specialization Area: International Law/ International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law
• Master Degree in Sociology (M.A.), 2005 Patan Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.
• Bachelor’s in Law (B. L), 1996, Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
• Intermediate in Law (I.L.), 1991, Butwal Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
• S.L.C. (1989), School Leaving Certificate Board, Nepal, Kapilbastu , Nepal,


• Currently, I am working as Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Nepal Law Campus, Faculty of law, Tribhuwan University, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu, Nepal.
• I have been teaching the subjects: Professional Ethics and Lawyering Skill at LL.B ,(Bachelor degree of laws) Moot Court at BA.LL.B and Refugee law in LL.M( Master Degree of Laws) in Nepal Law Campus, TU Nepal.
• As well as I have been supervising internship paper and dissertation paper (Research paper) for the LL.B Third year and LL.M Second year Students.
• I have been practicing as a Litigant lawyer in Supreme Court, Appellate Court and Districts Courts in Nepal Since 1998.
• I had worked as a Legal Aid Officer at Advocacy Forum since Sept. 2007 to June 2011.
• I have been working as a facilitator / Trainer in various governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as International nongovernmental organizations.

. Research Works
• Field Researcher, Across the Lines the Impact of Nepal’s conflict on women, organized by International Centre for Justice Nepal & Advocacy Forum –Nepal, at January 2009 to June 2009 in 16 conflict affected Districts;
• Field Researcher, “Gender and Judges” organized by Forum for Protection of Public Interest (Pro Public),at 15 January to 15 April 1998.
In this research, I studied and analyzed Court cases on violence against Women (Abortion, Trafficking, Divorce, and Partition of Property etc.).
• Motivator, Women’s Empowerment Action Program, organized by Legal Aid and Consultancy Center (LACC), at 31st February 1996-10th May 1996.
The job was to collect feedback on the issue of women’s right to share in parental property from community people for the proposed Muliki Ain (National Code) 11th amendment bill.
4. Participation in Training/ Workshop

• “6 days Training Program for Lawyers on Training of Trainer( TOT)”, 31st, Dec 2013- 5th Jan.2014, National Judicial Academy, Nepal,
• “3 weeks Women Peace Mediator Training,” 18th Sept. – 8th Oct. 2013, Organized by Sangat ( South Asia Feminist Network), Peace Across the Glove Switzerland and Tewa Nepal at Tewa Centre Dhapakhel, Lalitpur Nepal.
• “Consultation Program on Access to Justice for Protection of Human Rights in Nepal”, 8-9 June 2013, organized by LACC & Human Rights Network India at Godhawori, Kathmandu.
• “22nd South Asia Teaching Session on International Humanitarian Law”, 5 – 12 April 2013, organized by ICRC & Kathmandu School of Law, in Gokarna Forest Resort, Kathmandu, Nepal.
• “The International Conference on Legal Issues,” 26-27th January 2013, Organized by Nepal Bar Association and Law Asia in Kathmandu.
• “6 days Training on Sexual and Gender based violence (SGBV),” Jointly organized by UNICEF and UNIFPA at 04 to 09 October, 2010.Kathmandu.
• “3 days Medico-legal documentation and investigation of Torture in Nepal”, Jointly organized by REDRESS,UK and Advocacy Forum- Nepal, From 4-6 March, 2010 Kathmandu.
• “4 days Training on Advance Training of Trainers (TOT) “International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law”, Jointly Organization by Nepal Bar Association & a Commission of Jurist, During 27 to 30 May 2007 at Chitawan , Nepal
• “3 days, Regional Training of Trainers (TOT), “Constitution Assembly”, Organization by Forum for Women law and Development, March 2007 , Bhaktapur.
• 6 days Training of Trainers (TOT), Improving Free legal Aid, Human Rights & Access to Justice , Jointly Organization by Nepal Bar Association & Center for Human Resource Management (Staff College) 26 December 2004 To 1st January 2005.
• “5 days Court Referred Mediation Training”, Organized by Access to Justice program UNDP September 30 To October 4 ,2004,Kathmandu.
• 4 days”Monitoring Training “Human Right Violation”, Organized By National Human Right commission(NHRC), Dec. 26 to 29, 2003 , Kathmandu.
• “5 days, Refresher Training program “Community Mediation” organized by Institute of Governance and Development IGD October 13 to 17, 2003. Kathmandu.
• “12 days, Master Trainers of Training(TOT) Program” Community Mediation” jointly organized by the Asia Foundation, USAID and IGD, June 1-12, 2003.Kathmandu.
• 8 Month” Legal Professional Training:” organized by Service for unprivileged Section of Society (SUSS).from January 01, 1994 To August 30, 1994.


• Conducting one day workshop on Forensic science and DNA Test Organized by Women Lawyer Centre under the Supreme Court Bar Association, at August 2013, in Kathmandu,
• Conducting one day workshop on” Fast Track Court, Its challenges and possibilities in Nepal to address the violence against women’s cases., Organized by Women Lawyer Centre under the Supreme Court Bar Association, at April 2013, in Kathmandu,
• Conducted 5 days Paralegal Training Organized by Advocacy Forum Nepal , 27 June- 1st July 2011 Dhulikhel Kavre, Kathmandu.
• Conducting gender based violence/ sexual violence training in various District levels to Central level.
• Conducted Training of Constitution Assembly, Organized by Women Wing of Appellate Court Bar Patan , April 30 – 1 May 2007, Kathmandu.
• Conducted two days Community Mediator Refresher Training, organized by (SUSS) from January 18, January 29 ,2004(Various VDC & Municipality of Dhankuta District : Dhankuta. Municipality, Danda Bazar, Pakhribas, Razarani and Bhedetar)
• Conducted 8 days, Community Mediator Program, Organized by (SUSS) from in Dhankuta district from June 1st ,2003 to July 15th,2003. (Various VDC & Municipality of Dhankuta District : Dhankuta. Municipality, Danda Bazar, Pakhribas, Razarani and Bhedetar)
• 6. Professional history / Affiliation

Career History:

Since 1998 Court Practice as Advocate (Supreme Court, Appellate Court and District Court.
Since 1998

2012-2014 Member, Nepal Bar Council
Member, Professional Knowledge and Legal Research Teaching committee, Nepal Law Campus, Tribhuwan University, Nepal
Member Secretary, Women Lawyer Centre, Supreme Court Bar Association
2011 -2014 Treasure, Advocacy Forum Nepal,
Since 2010 Member, Publication Committee of Nepal Bar Council

2008-2009 Coordinator, Gender Equality Committee, Appellate Court Bar Association, Patan Lalitpur.
2006-2008 Member, Coordinator, Women Wing of Appellate Court Bar Association, Patan, Lalitpur Lalitpur
1996-1998 Executive Member , Appellate Court Patan Bar Association ,Patan, Lalitpur
1993 -1998 Court practice as Pleader ( Appellate Court and District Court)


• “Failure to Investigate cases of Conflict-era Sexual Violence in Nepal ”
Nepal Bar Council Law Journal 2011&2012, Published in 11th August 2013.
• “Legal Measures of Human Trafficking and “Indifferences on the past human rights violation cases.” Nayabimba Journal, Appellate Court Bar Association, Patan, Published in October 2012.
• “Access to Justice for Sexual violence victim during the arm conflict its Challenges. Law Magazine, Nepal Lawyers Club, Published in November 2011.
• “Access to Justice for Sexual Violence Victims during the arm conflict: A review”, Nepal Bar Council Law Journal 2010, Published in 11th August 2011.
• Situation of Enforced disappearance in Nepal and Disappearance, bi Nyayadoot, Bi- monthly (Law Magazine)Year 39, Volume 5, Nov-Dec, 2008
• “Violence Against Women”: A Study” , Nyayadoot, Bi-monthly (Law Magazine) Year 28, Volume 3,1997
7. Observer
• National ‘Election of Constitution Assembly” held in 2008, ArghaKhanchi district, conducted by NEOC.

8. Working Paper Presented
• Working paper on “Legal Provisions of human trafficking and Transfin Nepal and Its practices and challenges”, Organized by ATTWIN Nepal in Dolakha, Biratnagar, Birgunj , Bardiya and Nuwakot etc.
• Working paper on “To end impunity and protection of human rights in Nepal”, World Human rights day, 10th Dec. 2012 at Dang.
• Working paper on “Situation & Causes of Impunity in Nepal”,12th All Nepal National Lawyers Conference, 20 12 in Kathmandu, Nepal
• Working paper on “Women Survivor of Arm Conflict: and their condition of Social Security,” 20th National Women Conference of Women Lawyer in 2011 in Pokhara.
• Working paper on “Parliamentarian Declaration of Women Rights: Its Positive Change of area and state Responsibility”, 15th National Women Conference of Women Lawyer in 2006 .
• Working paper on “Conflict in Women in Nepal, ” 14th National Women Conference of Women Lawyer in 200 5