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Gharti Law Firm (Adv.Dr. Kishor Kumar Gharti Chhetri, PhD)

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Practice Area: ‘International Relations’ practitioner and law, Civil,Criminal, commercial,Human Rights,and more…An fluently English writing and, speaking,counselling, and advocacy lawyer for foreign nations,and clients too,through internet,mobile,and face to face…from home to abroad…

Education & Qualification:
PhD- A highest degree earner of University,and Gold Medalist-1st Class in ‘International Relations’

A lot in different fields,beyond description…

Career History:

Dr. Kishor Kumar Gharti Chhetri(G.C.), an advocate in Supreme Court, pursuing his practice in various National and ‘International Courts an area of Civil, Criminal, Commercial,Human Rights especially in ‘International Relations ‘ issues, online counselling, drafting, documentation and advocacy in various courts and’Supreme Court’…

He is working as a guest lecturer in various Universities, Colleges,Fitness & Health organisations,Spiritual Institutions, Political Organisations,International Organisations,Human Right Organisations, Staff Colleges in home abroad and many more…

He is member of Nepal Bar Association (NBA) He has been expert allocated from NBA to prepare the courses to lawyers for continue legal education(CLF) from 2013- 2014, in the subject to ‘International Relations’ and law, ‘ private International law’, Practical and legal issues.

He purse other various jobs, He is founder general secretary of Nepal PhD’s Association(NPA), distinguish resource person and contributor in staff college, executive director in GCA college Kathmandu,founder of “Janadhana College” in Baglung Narayanstgan,life member in Red Cross, member of 24 hours fitness USA,GYM Instructor Fitness&Health in Royal GYM&Aerobic Kathmandu and in many Fitness home and abroad…

He worked various jobs,few years as a Family Planning Officer,as a Public Health Officer for Mothers and Children care, Public Health Programs , as a research fellow in WFS(World Fertility Survey),conducted in 33 countries of the world during 1976-77, then he conducted various researches and services programs in different fields in national and international level till date pursuing legal field…

Worked in WHO (World Health Organization),As representative during 1983 in six countries of the world,such as, Thailand,Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapore,Sri-Lanka,India etc… Cultural delegate from Royal Nepal Academy(RNA) during 1972 in India and abroad.

Took parts in many training, seminars,and conferences in national and international level beyond description…

Elected as regional delegate from NC during 1997-2001 terms,and active member till…

Took part in students politics during Colleges and Universities era and elected Students Union too several time…
Late actor,folk singer, folk dancer, ballet dancer,dramatist,poem writer, musician of ‘Royal Nepal Academy’ ‘Radio Nepal and other places…


A lot beyond description,but life is short…

Dr. Kishor G.C. is an author published books and has written articles in the various national and international newspapers, Journals, magazines…

USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Srilinka, China, India, Germany, Baharain etc.

English, Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Newari (Little bit:- Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese and Germany