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Education & Qualification:
2002 – 2005 Purbanchal University
Masters in Law (Criminal Law and Justice) First Division (69.5%)
2000 – 2002 Tribhuvan University
Masters in Art (Linguistics-Nepali) First Division (63.3%)
1993 – 1996 Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
Bachelors in Law Second Division
1992 Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
Bachelors in Art
1993 Nepal press Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal
Proficiency Course in Journalism
1985-1987 Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
Intermediate in Art
1984 School Leaving Certificate (SLC) Examination HMG, Nepal


 Project implementation, monitoring, supervison and evaluation
 Research, analysis and assessment
 Rights Advocacy and people empowerment
 Editing & Translation

International Exposure & Experience:
 Exposure & Sharing of experiences in USA, UK, Switzerland and Bangladesh

Career History:

Resource Person
Nepal Judicial Academy (NJA), Nepal Police Academy, Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB), Juvenile Justice Coordination Committee (JJCC), INSEC, KIRDARC, AJAR Nepal, Nepal Law Campus, and FOHRID
Project Director Access to Justice Project
Nepal Bar Association
Ramshaha Path,Kathmandu
January 2011 to April 2012
Executive Director Access to Justice and Advocacy of Rights (AJAR) Nepal
2009 to 2010
Performed overall administrative and executive role including coordinating, research and advocacy activities, legal advice and representation of indigent prisoners and juveniles
Consultant Central Child Welfare Board (CCWB)
2009 to date
Providing Expert’s service on Juvenile Justice promotional activities on contractual basis as exert of criminal law, juvenile and restorative justice
Project Coordinator Consortium for Assisting Prisoners, National Legal Aid Network, Prisoners’ Legal Aid and Paralegal Project
2007 January to 2008 December
Taken overall project implementation responsibilities including supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the performance of 37 employees under project with reporting and other management responsibilities
Assistant Professor Kathmandu School of Law, Dhadhikot, Bhaktapur
2003 December to 2006 December
Teaching Fair Trial, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Legal Research, Seminar Methods and Legal Nepali
Taken role and responsibility of project secretary for the project on Fostering Peace through Value-based Discourse on Conflict Transformation, Good Governance and Constitutionalism (September 2004 to 2006 December)
National Consultant Penal Reform International South Asia Regional Office, Kathmandu
1st August to December 31 2002
Analysis, projection and Design of project “Department of Prison Project” under the Support of DFID’)
Chief of Advocacy Centre for victims of Torture Nepal (CVICT) Kathmandu,
February 1992 – November 2001
Advocacy and litigation activities, research and publications to promote human rights and anti-torture campaign across Nepal


4. List of Significant Publications
 The APT Guidelines for National NGOs on Alternative Reporting to UN Treaty Bodies, including Committee against Torture, September 2000 (original author). Available in
 Manual for Human Rights Monitoring and Fact Finding, 2009 (Co-other of Nepali Version), Published by Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee (HRTMCC) Secretariat, Kathmandu.
 Human Rights on Criminal Justice (International Instruments Relevant to Administration of Justice), 2009 (Nepali & English Bilingual translator and Editor) Published by Access to Justice & Advocacy of Rights, Kathmandu
 International Criminal Court: An Introduction, 2008 ( Author, Nepali Version), Published by Human Rights and Democratic Forum, Kathmandu
 Citizens’ Empowerment for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, 2005 ( Author, Nepali Version), Published by Kathmandu School of Law, Bhaktapur
 Peace Journalism for Conflict Transformation, 2005 (Author, Nepali Version), Published by Center for Legal Research and Resource Development, Kathmandu
 Guidelines on Fundamental Standards for Fair Trial, 2005 (Author, Nepali Version), Published by Center for Legal Research and Resource Development, Kathmandu
 Humanity Plundered in Karnali: Impact of Armed Conflict, 2005, Published by Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Resource Centre, Jumla
 Alternative Report to the Combined Periodic State Report of Nepal Submitted to UN Committee against Torture (Second, Third and Fourth), 2004. This report was produced by Human Rights Treaty Monitoring Coordination Committee where the applicant had played role as a member of Drafting Committee and undertaken task as principal analyst and author.
 Conflicts in Karnali: The Loss of Lives and Property and Lives in Perilous Situation 2003 (Nepali Version) Published by Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Resource Centre, Jumla
 Situation of Dalit Communities in Nepal 2060, 2003 (Nepali Version), Published by National Dalit Commission, Kathmandu
 Rights of Accused Persons (Nepali Version), 2002 Published by Access to Justice and Advocacy of Rights, Kathmandu
 Nepal’s Penal System: An Agenda for Change, 2001 Published by Center for Victims of Torture Kathmandu
 Entitlement against Torture in Criminal Justice, 1997 (Nepali Version), Published by Centre for Victims of Torture Kathmandu
04. List of published articles:
 “Diversion in Juvenile Justice” (Nepali Version): Nigarani, year 2, No 3 2005.
 “HUMAN RIGHTS LAW AND CONCEPT OF RESTORATIVE JUSTICE” (Nepali Version), in Dimensions of Administration of Justice (Edited by Shyam Kumar Bhattarai), published by Sopan Monthly.
 “NEED OF INCORPORATION OF RIGHT TO REPARATION as part of entitlement to justice in forthcoming Constitution”, Nepali Version), in Kanoon No 68, 2008.
 “FORTHCOMING CONSTITUTION OF NEPAL: HOW SHOULD IT TREAT TORTURE?” in Informal Vol. 27, No. 2, April-June 2009, INSEC Kathmandu.
 “Fundamentals of Federal State: Provincial Autonomy, Configuration and Infrastructure” in Constitution Making Process, Discussion on Forthcoming Constitution and Restructure of State, January 2010, Human Rights and Democratic Forum (FOHRID), Kathmandu.
05. List of Research accomplished
 Rights and Health Conditions of Prisoners in Nepal’s Prisons, A survey of prison conditions and rights of prisoners in Nepal, conducted by Centre of Victims of Torture Nepal 1995-1997.
 Strengthening Penal and Prison Reforms in Nepal, This research work was an exploratory activity commissioned by Enabling State Programme and carried out by CVICT, Nepal in September 2000.
 Laws of Nepal: Incompatible with Fair Trial Standards, 2005, Published by Center for Legal Research and Resource Development, Kathmandu.
 Policy, Laws and Mechanisms of Nepal in Combating Corruption: Their Compatibility with UNCAC, Published by ReMAC Nepal, Kathmandu 2005-6.
 Prisoners’ Access to Justice, Baseline Survey 2007, Published by Consortium for Assisting Prisoners, Kathmandu.
 FAIR TRIAL FOR CHILDREN IN CONFLICT WITH THE LAW (Enforcement of Legal Safeguards and Treatments), Survey 2009 June, conducted by AJAR- Nepal, Kathmandu.
 Children in Conflict with Law: Law in Conflict with Normative Criteria, a Review of Nepalese Laws’ Conformity with International Standards of Juvenile Justice, commissioned by Juvenile Justice Steering Committee’s Secretariat Centre to Assist & Protect the Child Rights of Nepal CAPCRON, Lalitpur 2009 Sept.
 Civil Society Recommendations on Draft Penal Reform Bills 2010/11, a review of government sponsored draft bill on penal issues including of Draft Criminal Code and Sentencing Bill coordinated by AJAR Nepal under financial cooperation of Enabling State Programme as exploratory activity for July 2010 to January 2011.