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Serious debt problems and other legal challenges can seem overwhelming. You can often reach a successful resolution to these issues, but it takes a tough, knowledgeable lawyer to help you achieve it. At Jenny C. Parks, PC in Kemp, clients from Kaufman and Rockwell counties have a strong advocate who can guide them skillfully through the legal system. I represent Texans in bankruptcy proceedings as well as personal injury and criminal defense matters. Regardless of the particular type of legal counsel you seek, my firm will fight on your behalf for the best result possible and you will learn why so many refer to me as Jenny “The Shark” Parks.

My firm provides comprehensive representation on bankruptcy filings and other types of debt relief matters, including:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy — When there is no reasonable possibility of catching up on unsecured debts, such as credit card balances and medical bills, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the right solution. This type of proceeding allows people to discharge certain debts forever if they qualify under the means test.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy — Sometimes referred to as the wage earner’s plan, Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows people struggling with debt to stop harassment from creditors and create a workable schedule to pay what they owe. Homeowners frequently choose this option because it allows them to maintain ownership of their home if they follow the repayment plan authorized by the court.
Foreclosure defense — Even if you’re behind on mortgage payments, you might be able to modify the terms of your loan so you can avoid foreclosure. Lenders must follow strict rules if they want to initiate a foreclosure and are often willing to work out a loan modification that suits your current circumstances.
Alternatives to bankruptcy — Some debt problems can be resolved without filing for bankruptcy. Many creditors are willing to negotiate a compromise, especially if you have an effective lawyer working on your behalf.
No matter what led to your debt struggles, I will answer your questions and create a personalized plan that helps you attain financial freedom.