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Bel Air MD Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Offices of David Batzer, P.A., serves injured and disabled clients in Harford County, Maryland and Cecil County, Maryland. Our practice is limited exclusively to auto accident, personal injury, premises liability and disability litigation. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in the Bel Air, Maryland area call Bel Air MD Personal Injury Lawyer David Batzer.

Attorney David Batzer, meets personally with clients to hear their concerns and answer their questions. He focuses his practice to better serve his clients against insurance companies, employers, and the Social Security administration. Let him put his many years of accident and injury litigation to work for you.

Benefits Awarded In Maryland Personal Injury Cases

Maryland law allows for various benefits to be awarded in personal injury cases in Maryland. This includes motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents and animal attacks. Depending on the exact circumstances surrounding your accident you may be entitled to pain and suffering compensation, lost wage compensation, medical expense reimbursement and, in the event of death, funeral benefits.

Establishing Liability In Maryland Accident Claims

All accident cases are different in that each has different circumstances and each has different liable parties. As your attorney, Mr. Batzer will do everything necessary to establish any and all liable parties and make them responsible in court. Possible liable parties may include: the liable parties insurance company, municipalities, management companies, your employer, the other persons employer and manufacturers.

With Mr. Batzer in your corner you can rest assured that all liable parties will be identified and that you get all possible sources of compensation for your injuries.

What To Do Following The Accident

Immediately after your accident you should seek appropriate medical care. If you can, take photographs of the accident scene, get names and numbers of witnesses and call the police to ensure that a police report is filed. Taking appropriate action, or having others do it on your behalf, can help your case as it evolves. The liable parties insurance carrier will begin to protect themselves legally. You should do the same by contacting an experienced Bel Air MD personal injury lawyer regarding your case.

One thing you should not do is have any direct contact with the liable parties insurance carrier. They may very well approach you shortly after the accident regarding a quick, lump sum settlement. Do not accept their offer as it benefits them and not you. Accepting their offer can actually hurt you later on.

Experience When It Matters Most

Insurance companies have teams of car accident lawyers who know their competition. They know which attorneys are unwilling or unable to go to trial and who will, therefore, seek to settle the client’s case, often for an amount far below the fair value. Attorney David Batzer can and will take your personal injury case to trial if a fair and just settlement cannot be agreed upon. Insurance companies recognize Mr. Batzer as a seasoned Maryland Trial Attorney. While we often settle our cases before trial, we can negotiate for a higher settlement amount based on the real possibility that we will take the matter to court.

No Fees Unless We Win

For most people, cost is a big concern. If you have a serious spinal cord injury or are disabled and unable to work, you might wonder how you will pay doctor’s bills and lawyer’s fees. At the Law Offices of David Batzer, P.A., we operate on a contingency fee basis. We pay all initial costs and investigate your claim at our own expense. You are not responsible for initial costs, expenses, or legal fees unless we win.

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