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Whether you are going through a divorce or seeking compensation for an injury you’ve suffered, how your attorney performs in the courtroom can have a significant effect on your life for years to come. At the Studley Law Offices in Middleboro, we are effective trial advocates with nearly 40 years of combined legal experience. Our Massachusetts attorneys understand that thorough preparation not only benefits clients in court but often compels adversaries to improve their settlement terms. In family law and personal injury cases, as well as criminal defense, estate administration and business litigation matters, we will assert your rights effectively in any forum.

Since opening our firm more than three decades ago, we have earned reputations across Bristol and Plymouth counties as:

Knowledgeable legal counselors — Drawing on the knowledge gained through years of practice, we develop and execute innovative solutions to the trickiest legal challenges.
Strategic advocates — No matter what type of legal support you need, we outline your options clearly and detail the potential consequences associated with each choice. Once you’ve decided how to proceed, our lawyers create a sound plan to achieve your goals.
Accomplished trial attorneys — When a case goes to trial, our team conducts extensive discovery to collect crucial evidence and counter the opposing counsel’s arguments. We also prepare you for testimony by explaining the process, giving you questions to study and engaging in mock cross-examination sessions.
No matter how complex or stressful your situation might seem, we are approachable and available legal counselors who work one on one with each client.