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GRP Rainer LLP is an international law firm which provides legal and tax advice. Specializing in business law, commercial law and company law, GRP Rainer LLP has office locations in London, UK and throughout Germany. With over 30 years in business, GRP Rainer LLP is made up of experienced lawyers and industry specialists who can provide you with the legal assistance you require.

The lawyers and advisors of GRP Rainer LLP are experts in exporting goods to Germany, methods of distribution in Germany, franchising in Germany, starting a business in Germany, enforcing a judgment against a debtor in Germany, and business relations between Germany and Asia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

GRP Rainer LLP also specializes in debt collection in Germany as well as contract laws around the world. If you require business law, commercial law or company law needs in Germany or London, contact GRP Rainer LLP for a multi-faceted team of lawyers and advisors ready to assist.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Areas of Law

Agency & Distributorship
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Appellate Practice
Asset Protection
Bad Faith Insurance
Banking & Finance
Banking Law
Business & Industry
Business Formation
Business Law
Business Litigation
Capital Markets
Child Custody & Visitation
Child Support
Civil Litigation
Collaborative Law
Commercial Law
Commercial Litigation
Competition Law
Computer & Software
Construction Law
Corporate Finance
Corporate Governance
Corporate Law
Corporate Litigation
Corporate Taxation
Credit & Mortgage
Criminal Law
Customs Law
Data Protection
Debt Relief
Debtor & Creditor

Domain Names
Elder Law
Eminent Domain
Employee Benefits
Employees Rights
Estate & Trust
Estate Planning
European Community Law
Family Law
Financial Litigation
FLSA Overtime Claim
Food & Beverages Law
Human Resources Law
Import & Export
Industrial & Manufacturing
Information Technology
Inheritance Law
Insurance Defense
Insurance Fraud
Intellectual Property
International Arbitration
International Investments
International Law
International Trade
Internet Law
Investment Law
Joint Ventures
Land Use & Zoning
Landlord & Tenant Law
Legal Economics
Licensing Law

Marketing Law
Mergers & Acquisitions
Nonprofit Organizations
Offshore Services
Personal Property
Pre-nuptial Agreement
Private Equity
Privatization Law
Product Liability Litigation
Project Finance
Property Law
Property Management
Real Estate
Research & Development
Science & Technology
Shareholders Rights
Tax Planning
Telecommunications Law
Trade Investment
Trade Secrets
Unfair Competition
Venture Capital
White Collar Crime
Work Permit
Workers Compensation
Wrongful Termination

Additional Areas of Law:
Debt Collection; Distribution Law; Law of Succession; Business Succession.

Areas of Law Description
– Legal Advice

*Banking Law
We provide comprehensive banking law consultancy and legal representation services for loans, current accounts, consultancy liability or asset management.

*Capital Markets Law
Many investments do not yield what the investors were promised. Now, if you wish to know whether you are entitled to any compensation for the losses suffered, you should seek before the end of the limitation period the advice a competent lawyer in capital markets law. In case of incorrect advice, immorality or investment fraud, investors can often save their money through the legal system. At GRP Rainer you will find a trusted lawyer for that purpose. In each case, we shall examine your compensation claim options. In other words, we shall precisely indicate what your chances are and how to better leverage our lawyers to exercise your investor rights.

*Business Law
Business law is one of the key areas of expertise at GRP Rainer LLP. We possess a particularly rich storehouse of knowledge to draw upon, ranging from founding, selling or buying a company and its shares to drawing up the terms and conditions and formation of the company, to advice and litigation in general civil, IT and company law cases. We also handle your national and international debt collection duties, including domestic and cross-border execution.

*Business Succession
We advise on Business Succession in Germany.

*Capital Markets Law
Many investments do not yield what the investors were promised. Now, if you wish to know whether you are entitled to any compensation for the losses suffered, you should seek before the end of the limitation period the advice a competent lawyer in capital markets law. In case of incorrect advice, immorality or investment fraud, investors can often save their money through the legal system. At GRP Rainer you will find a trusted lawyer for that purpose. In each case, we shall examine your compensation claim options. In other words, we shall precisely indicate what your chances are and how to better leverage our lawyers to exercise your investor rights.

*Civil Law
If you have any legal questions about civil law, our experienced lawyers at GRP Rainer LLP will be happy to help to answer them. Civil law cases are often complex and difficult for the layperson to understand. In particular, because overlaps often arise with regard to contracts and records and, at first glance, it does not appear possible to arrange the contract and the circumstances in a timely fashion so as to deal with the legal consequences.

*Commercial Law
Our lawyers at GRP Rainer will be happy to offer you comprehensive advice on any legal questions you may have relating to commercial law. On the one hand, we will clearly explain your rights and obligations as a merchant; on the other hand, our lawyers will help you assert your legal and economic interests.

*Commercial Law of Tenancy and Lease
In commercial rentals, the rental contract design is of the utmost importance, as these are often long-term and require considerable investments for the conversion of rental properties. Therefore, it is highly advisable to examine a commercial rental contract with an experienced lawyer before its conclusion. The lawyers at GRP Rainer will be glad to do so while ensuring that your contract meets your business requirements.

*Company Law
We offer comprehensive advice on private company law and on capital company law. The lawyers and tax advisors at GRP Rainer have particular expertise in the following areas:
• Aktiengesellschaft AG / Stock Corporation
• Gesellschaft GbR / Partnership under Civil Law
• Company Formation
• GmbH / Limited Liability Company
• GmbH & Co. KG
• KG / Limited Partnership
• Limited / Ltd.
• Offene Handelsgesellschaft / General Partnership

*Competition Law
We advise on Competition Law in Germany.
• Advertising
• Copyright Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Internet Law
• Trademark Law
• Unfair Competition
• Warning Competition Law

*Construction Law
In the area of public construction law our expert lawyers are ready to advise you on real estate development issues and the legal feasibility of individual construction projects. Our lawyers at GRP Rainer can assist you when dealing with the land registry office, advise you on whether you can object to a neighbor’s building plans or clarify whether you have a right to planning permission.

In the area of private construction law our lawyers at GRP Rainer are there to advise and assist you with drawing up labour contracts or with the planning and execution of construction projects. They can also help you to draw up architects‘ contracts, construction contracts with building firms and land purchase contracts.

*Contract Law
A large portion of our extrajudicial advisory service involves the drafting and revision of contracts. The crucial point here is the comprehensive and unambiguous representation of the subject of the contract. Based on this, we appropriate the contractual duties to be assumed by each party by means of regulations in accordance with the law.

*Copyright Law
We advise on Copyright Law in Germany.

*Corporate Criminal Law
We advise on Corporate Criminal Law in Germany.

*Corporate Law
We offer our support on issues concerning company law, in particular with the law governing stockholding companies, the law governing limited liability companies (GmbH), law governing partnerships, law of foundations and the law of associations.

*Debt Collection

If you have engaged in business abroad with a German customer or corporate entity and you need to recover an outstanding debt, the law firm of GRP Rainer LLP can assist you. Our English-speaking lawyers have experience representing clients in countries and regions all over the world including Asia, the United States, Canada, and the UK.

*Distribution Law
Distribution law contains many regulations that serve the sales distribution of goods and services. Sales distribution occurs mainly between entrepreneurs and sales representatives and distributors, but also between the franchisor and the franchisee. Moreover, international distribution has an ever increasing relevance. The lawyers of GRP Rainer advise on national and international distribution rights.

*Employment Law
Whether related to contract conclusion, warning, or termination, our clients can rely on our experience and competence to address their labour issues. We represent your interests in individual and collective labour law, both out-of-court and in court. These include, by way of example, the following problem areas:
• Collective Labour Law
• Employee Invention Law
• Employment Termination
• Executive Employment Law
• Temporary Employment

*Family Law
Whether marriage contract, divorce, alimony or custody, in family law all depends on the lawyer who will represent your interests with empathy, tact, and negotiating skills. Rest assured that your legal inquiry is in the best hands with a GRP Rainer´s lawyer because you are leveraging a group of lawyers who keep a cool head in emotionally charged situations.

*Franchise Law
We will support you in all matters related to franchising, both nationally and internationally. In particular, we will supervise the start of franchise relationships, problems within a franchise contract, and – if necessary – its termination. We can also help you with claims for compensation arising from your franchise relationship. If you have any questions it is advisable to consult a lawyer as soon as possible.

*Insolvency Law
In dealing with instances of companies, freelancers or private individuals experiencing cash flow problems, we will advise you completely and comprehensively on insolvency proceedings. In the area of insolvency law, we represent both debtors and creditors – on the opening of proceedings and in the event of insolvency proceedings which have already been commenced.

*Insurance Law
We advise on Insurance Law in Germany.

*Intellectual Property Law
Due to the increase in product piracy and copyright infringement, the protection of intellectual property is more important than ever. We therefore offer extensive advice on all aspects of intellectual property law, particularly on copyright law, brand law, patent law and law of competition.

*International Law
Doing business in the global marketplace often requires the assistance of a skilled lawyer who is familiar with transnational commercial business arrangements. These days, companies conduct trade relations all across the globe with much greater frequency. In these cases, differing country-specific systems of private law, which would be taken into account in judicial decisions often collide. Our German attorneys are skilled in trade law interpretation, contract negotiation, financing transactions and international litigation. We offer comprehensive advice on complex issues arising from the closure of international contracts, as well as those in existing contractual relationships.

*IT Law
In today’s world, practically every aspect of daily life is affected by IT or the Internet, and this applies equally to private and professional life. Qualified legal advice in this sector is rapidly increasing in importance, as IT and Cyber Law are not separate legal fields yet are subject to several different regulatory systems. They consist of individual subsections of national and international law which influence each other, such as copyright law, trademark law, and data protection and competition law, to name a few. This increased fragmentation has resulted in a greater need for legal advice.

*Law of Succession
Inheritance transcends the purely legal matters. Further to legal issues on inheritance law, there are the natural emotions and family feelings inherent to the situation. Our lawyers deal with such exceptional situations in a confident and sensitive manner, always in the interest of our clients. The clients of GRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax advisors in Cologne, Berlin, Bonn, and Düsseldorf receive professional advice from an experienced lawyer on all aspects of inheritance.

GRP Rainer LLP represents a variety of national and international clients before German civil courts. This involves defense against unjust claims in addition to assertion of justified claims. We will also assert your rights in foreclosure proceedings and are able to assure your rights, should they be endangered, through preliminary injunctions or warrants. We also represent your interests in appellate proceedings. We can also represent you before every German district court as well as before regional courts and higher regional courts (Amtsgerichte, Landgerichte and Oberlandesgerichte).

A broad set of legal issues arises in mergers, takeovers, and company acquisitions. In the event of takeover, we may consider various approaches depending on the ownership structure and legal form of the participating companies.

*Media Law
We advise on Media Law in Germany.

*Real Estate and Property Law
We offer detailed advice on all aspects of property law and real estate law such as law governing the use of an estate agent and the German residential property act (Wohnungseigentumsrecht). Paramount are issues concerning the acquisition of real estate – e.g. by purchase, transfer inter vivos, transfer by way of inheritance or gift, possible liabilities through land charges, mortgages, subservience or a recurrent charge on real estate, and also the use and selling of land. Additionally, we will advise you on development plans and building work on property, as well as on the effect of third parties on the property. We also offer our support when dealing with land registry offices.

*Tax Law
Tax Law includes multiple sections. GRP Rainer advises you on Accounting Law, Income Taxation and Income Tax Law, Sales Tax and Corporate Tax Law, as well as in Real estate Taxation.
• Accessions Tax
• Criminal Tax Law
• Inheritance Tax
• International Tax Law
• Tax Dispute
• Voluntary Disclosure

*Trade and Industry Law
If you would like to register a company, have been denied a company or already run a company, and you have legal questions concerning this, do not hesitate to get advice from an experienced lawyer at GRP Rainer.

*Trademark Law
A trademark can be a considerable asset depending on its popularity and strength of identification. Trademarks can be recognized on a national, European and international level. Therefore, it is especially important to determine the estimated territorial sphere of activity as a future trademark owner when registering a trademark. As a rule, you must first ensure that the geographic area covered by a trademark applies to the territory of the country in which it will be registered in the Trademark Register.

*Transportation Law
We advise on Transportation Law in Germany.
• Freight Forwarding Law
• Logistics Law

– Tax Advice

Our main area of competence in this realm is advice on fiscal structure, however we are also at your side if you would like to draw up a tax certificate, or if you need consultancy on inheritance tax or capital transfer tax.

We complete tax returns for companies, freelancers and private individuals and evaluate their tax assessments. In case of contention, litigation or appellate proceedings, we will assert your rights in court.

In addition, we will also assist you in preparation for tax audits. We are at your service for advice and support if you are making a voluntary declaration, and we will represent you in cases of investigation for tax offenses.

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