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At The Troum Law Firm, P.A., we understand the emotional and sensitive nature of family-related legal matters. It can be very easy to act upon these emotions and make snap decisions that could end up having serious ramifications for every member of your family—and your future.

At The Troum Law Firm, P.A., we have provided high-quality, hands-on legal representation for family law matters for over 30 years. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to protect your rights and provide the best possible counsel regarding key decisions that will impact your life such as child custody, child support, alimony, and asset distribution.

Our Maitland divorce attorney, Mark S. Troum, can help you understand your rights and options so you can make rational, informed, and empowered decisions that can help protect your best interests for the long-term. Rather than making uncalculated choices, drawing fast assumptions, or accepting swift settlements, choose to put qualified and insightful legal counsel on your side.

Many people falsely believe that having prenuptial and postnuptial agreements in place can herald an inevitable divorce. However, this is not the case at all. In fact, these agreements can help protect you or your spouse in the worst case scenario of an unexpected death. Furthermore, your assets are important and having a plan in place may be able to protect your best interests.

We recognize that divorce is one of the most emotionally exhausting experiences that a person can go through. That is why we take the time to provide a full explanation of Florida law as it pertains to your case, and review all options with you so you can make educated decisions on the matters that will shape your post-divorce life.

We have established ourselves both in the legal community and among our existing client base as trustworthy, personable, and capable of handling the full scope of family law cases, from an uncontested divorce to contentious enforcement issues or a highly sensitive domestic violence matter.

Our approach is to accomplish as much as possible through negotiations with opposing counsel. This allows you and your spouse to retain control of important decisions rather than put them in the hands of a family court judge. If a fair resolution cannot be reached amicably, however, our trial-tested legal team is fully capable of advocating for you in court.