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When you have an employment law issue, and your job and income are on the line, the first and most important thing you should do is talk to someone who actually knows the labor and employment laws and what is necessary to protect your rights. Typically, this does not include friends, co-workers, HR representatives or your boss. You need to speak with a lawyer, and not just any lawyer, but one that has significant experience handling complex employment law cases on behalf of workers and that has the knowledge, resources and team to take on even the largest companies, in any courthouse in the country.

With over 25 years of experience representing workers nationwide in all types of employment-related claims, and recovering millions of dollars in back wages and damages for thousands of workers, we are the ones to talk to.

We offer a fast, free, and completely confidential review of your situation and can help you answer the two key questions everyone has:

Do I have a case against my employer?
If I have a valid claim, what is my case worth?
If we are able to pursue a claim on your behalf, we work on a contingent fee basis – meaning we don’t get paid, unless we are successful in obtaining a recovery. Our interests are totally aligned with yours. Because we work on a contingent fee basis and only get compensated for our time and investment out of any recovery obtained, we must be very selective in the cases we take – undertaking representation only in those cases where we believe there is high probability of success for our client(s).