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Morris Law PC, A Criminal Defense Firm

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Morris Law PC, A Criminal Defense Firm is located in Oakland, California and serves clients across the Bay Area. Practice areas include drug charges, weapons crimes, violent crimes, sex crimes, juvenile defense, domestic violence, DUI, federal crimes, murder, theft, Title IX cases, gang crimes, and other felonies and misdemeanors.

When the California legal system fails you, you can’t leave yourself or your child at the mercy of a judge and 12 jurors. Oakland criminal defense attorney Seth Morris has saved his clients from the grasp of the system time and time again by securing dismissals and no-time deals on murder cases and people facing life in prison.

Facing Criminal Charges in Oakland?

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An Oakland Defense Attorney Who Brings Passion to Your Case
Oakland defense attorney Seth Morris is one of California’s most skilled and talented trial lawyers. He is committed to keeping his clients out of custody and bringing them home to their families because this isn’t just his job; it’s his life’s work. Whether it’s reducing bail to go home that night or challenging flaky evidence from the prosecution, he puts his gloves on and fights for what you deserve.

As an Oakland criminal lawyer practicing in California trial courts and federal courts, Seth understands the uphill battle you face when entering the California criminal justice system. When the court looks at you with contempt, it is your Sixth Amendment right to have an unbiased representative to ensure a fair trial and uphold your constitutional rights.