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Kevin Michael Burke, Attorney & Notary

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Bristol-based American Attorney Services is a law firm with international reach.
Not every American law firm is based in London and does “M&A” work. Based in Bristol, we are a small niche American law firm focused on providing practical U.S.
The law office of Kevin Michael Burke, Attorney & Notary is based in Langford, Bristol, which is south of Bristol airport. We provide legal and notarial services to both individuals and businesses. We provide private client services such as wills and probate services and notary public services.
we also provide US legal services and trade as “American Attorney Services” in the provision of such services.
We aim to provide our clients with practical and creative solutions to our clients’ legal problems. Kevin Burke has twenty years of experience as an American lawyer (Florida and Ohio), and thirteen years as an English lawyer.


Our legal services focus primarily on U.S. legal matters and the UK related elements of such matters. Kevin is an American attorney of 18 years experience licensed to practice in the states of Florida (1994) and Ohio (1992) and is a former English solicitor (1999- 2010).

Kevin has practiced law in the United Kingdom since 1999 and continues to practice English law through his capacity as an English Notary Public (2008). In the United Kingdom, a Notary is a qualified lawyer – a member of the third and oldest branch of the legal profession in the United Kingdom. He is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and is subject to regulation by the Court of Faculties. The rules which affect Notaries are very similar to the rules which affect Solicitors. They must be fully insured and maintain fidelity cover for the protection of their clients and the public. They must keep clients’ money separately from their own and comply with stringent practice rules and with rules relating to conduct and discipline. Notaries have to renew their practising certificates every year and can only do so if they have complied with the rules. Besides the notarisation of documents, authentication and provision of a secure record for almost any sort of transaction, document or event, an English Notary Public can do any form of legal work except for taking cases to the English courts.

Kevin takes on cases from clients from the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe and, where appropriate, associates with the most qualified lawyers to serve as local counsel or to provide a particular area of substantive expertise as part of a team when necessary. Kevin represents American clients in matters dealing with English law. Kevin works closely with corporate and individual clients to understand and resolve their issues, taking the time to listen to and understand each client’s unique situation, and seeks to explain the available options in clear plain English. Kevin looks forward to the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have regarding the legal services offered. As a smaller firm, this firm is able to offer each client personal attention throughout each phase of the legal process and treat clients with integrity and respect for their individual needs.


As both a Florida International Notary and English Notary Public, Kevin is happy to assist clients in relation to notary matters. Basically, a notary public (sometimes called a notary or a public notary) is an individual authorised by a national, state or local government to officially witness signatures on legal documents, administer oaths or affirmations for sworn statements (affidavits and statutory declarations), or to certify copies of documents. These all usually relate to the probate of estates, execution of deeds, execution of powers-of-attorney, and foreign and international business. Less commonly notary work may relate to protesting notes and bills of exchange, providing notice of foreign drafts, preparing marine protests in cases of damage, providing exemplifications and notarial copies, and performing certain other official acts. A notary public uses an embossing tool to verify his or her presence at the time the documents were signed. Any such act is commonly known as a notarisation.

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