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Purely Probate is a niche UK legal practice specialising in probate, wills and powers of attorney. We provide clients with an efficient and caring service for a sensible pre-agreed price.

A modern efficient and caring service for a sensible pre-agreed fee. Purely Probate offers helpful and sympathetic service to people who have been bereaved Unlike most lawyers we agree a fixed price without any extras, unless the estate is particularly complex. We need to ask you a number of questions about the estate, to understand its size and complexity. Once we have this information we will give you a fixed price quote. This means you won’t have to worry that we will charge you on a time spent basis every time you talk to us.

We will use simple English and explain everything to you as clearly as possible. We will not intimidate you with long letters full of legal jargon. We will give you clear guidance and advice.

If any of the assets of the estate need to be sold we will either complete the sale for you or arrange for the work to be carried out by a specialist. Sometimes (for example, house sales or house clearance) there will be an extra charge but this will be agreed with you in advance.

We may be able to save you money. We can provide tax advice and we are happy to work with your own accountant or tax advisor.

The solicitor who drew up the Will is often instructed to obtain Probate. Sometimes the solicitor is holding the original Will; occasionally they are named as Executor. In either case there is no obligation to use them. We are experts in this field, and we can work for you for a price which is likely to be lower than a solicitor in a general practice.

You do not need to be physically close to our offices in Somerset. Although we like to meet our clients we can get to know you by telephone, e-mail and letter. Documents can be sent securely world wide. If you are reasonably close to us in Somerset, Devon or Dorset we can visit you in your home and the cost of one visit will be included in the fixed fee.

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Estate and Trust
Estate Planning
Inheritance Law