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Fielding Law. Taylorsville, Utah Personal Injury Lawyers

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Fielding Law is a personal injury firm with its main office in Taylorsville, Utah and an additional location in Mesquite, Texas. Practice areas include car and truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, slip and fall/premises liability, product liability, poisoning, medical malpractice, injuries from assault and violence, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and other catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, and other accident and injury claims.

We understand the importance of negotiating with insurance companies and will provide the support needed to protect your rights as the victim of an accident. With Fielding Law, you will have direct access to an attorney and personal, one-on-one attention to your case.

At Fielding Law, we provide trustworthy, personalized representation to those who suffered a personal injury at the hands of a negligent party. We take pride in providing representation unlike any other legal options, thanks to our unique mix of personalized attention and specialized expertise. If you have any personal injury or auto accident needs, please contact us today for a free consultation.

How Can Hiring A Lawyer Help?
If you are in a car accident, the law requires you to report the event to your insurance company. The insurance company of the driver who struck you will later reach out and ask you some basic questions about what happened. After reviewing the details of the case, you can expect a settlement offer.

Unfortunately, this settlement offer will more than likely not cover the full extent of damages or may only be enough to pay for immediate repairs and hospital bills. A major pitfall here is agreeing to a settlement that does not account for factors such as long-term medical expenses, physical rehabilitation, emotional pain and suffering (also referred to as loss of enjoyment of life) and the possibility of having to find a new job or make serious adjustments to your lifestyle. This is one reason why working with an attorney is crucial.