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The Law Offices of Kenneth L. Block is an Illinois business law firm specializing in the firearms industry, real estate, and commercial and financial transactionsGovernment regulation of firearms businesses and professionals can hinder a company’s growth and even force it to dissolve entirely if it loses its license to operate. Bureaucratic rules regarding licensing and other requirements are heavy handed and confusing for individuals to navigate.

But there are solutions. The Law Offices of Kenneth L. Block works with those in the gun industry as well as other businesses to guide you through licensing and regulatory needs with ease and efficiency. The firm regularly helps clients achieve their dream of a successful business without being bogged down in red tape. Firearms manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters, gunsmiths, target ranges or firearms instructors in Illinois in search of a high-caliber attorney to work through their legal requirements need to consult the Law Offices of Kenneth L. Block.

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