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KENFOX IP and Law Office, LAOS

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KENFOX IP & Law Office, one of the fastest growing patent law firms, provides the full range of IP services in Laos and other Asian countries. The firm proudly possesses a team of young, dynamic, enthusiastic, and methodical associates, lawyers, attorneys, and specialists led by its highly respected partners. Its team of lawyers is grouped into two core practice groups, IP practice and Legal practice. However, KENFOX lawyers collaborate on a cross-practice basis to maximize their specialized expertise – their aptitude to provide clients with comprehensive solutions that are more profitable to clients in the long run¬ for the multifaceted problems that are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

A go-to firm for all types of IP issues, KENFOX attorneys have filed thousands of trademark, industrial design, and patent applications. The firm represents many of the world’s leading companies, including OPPO, SICPA, UCB, Hitachi, Outfit7, Koga Software, and Alticor, to name a few.

KENFOX is different and dares to be different. KENFOX attorneys employ different, innovative, pragmatic approaches and hard work to better meet client needs for each and every matter in a productive and cost-friendly way. The firm places a premium on providing exceptional legal services that are delivered efficiently and without unnecessary costs.

KENFOX is often called on to assist clients in developing efficient and affordable strategies to uncover and stop third parties from infringing or registering IPRs. The firm’s lawyers excel at generating and presenting alternatives to best protect, enforce, and defend clients’ IPRs.

Some notable cases:

  • KENFOX acted as counsel for a German pharmaceutical giant in a case involving an unfair competition act.
  • KENFOX represented a Chinese pharmaceutical giant in an unfair competition case.
  • KENFOX represented a Vietnamese chemical-cosmetic company in coordinating with Vietnam customs to handle an imported shipment of trademark counterfeits.
  • KENFOX acted as counsel for a Russian author in a case involving copyright infringement.
  • KENFOX represented an Italian company in dealing with a trademark-based domain name dispute.

What’s more about us

  • Direct contact and insight: We have frequent contact with the IP office in Laos. This allows us to explore the rejections imposed by office actions fully and at length, and convince the offices with our arguments in order to successfully overcome them. Throughout our work, we place a premium on developing close working relationships with examiners. Our close collaboration with examiners has provided us with invaluable insight into the inner workings and policies of the offices. This enables us to create a unique competitive edge for our clients.
  • Responsiveness: Clients today are not just looking for IP attorneys with advanced degrees from prestigious universities or lawyers with experience in a given area. Many firms have that. Our firm’s difference is in the process we have in place to serve our clients’ needs. Things like responsiveness, efficient work habits, and concern for a client’s financial constraints make sense.
  • Quality control: Our firm’s IP partners are highly experienced IP attorneys, with more than 30 collective years of experience between them. They personally attend to the clients’ instructions and closely supervise work products produced by non-partners to ensure clients receive the highest quality.
  • Regular training: Our firm regularly conducts internal training for its attorneys, agents, paralegals, and other staff members, including mentoring and coaching, on-the-job training, and mini-seminars. Through real and specific examples, problems, and challenges that our attorneys, agents, paralegals, and other staff members encounter every day at work, we try to identify appropriate skills and knowledge needed for our work.
  • Technology application in daily work: We use advanced office technologies to reduce staffing needs and employ other cost-saving measures to reduce our overhead. We can monitor deadlines, check conflicts, manage clients’ cases in an efficient manner, to reduce manual work, etc., thereby to save costs for our clients through a good management system of cases based on our own computerized management.