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Gaxiola y Robina S.C.

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Gaxiola y Robina S.C. was founded in 1927 by Mr. F. Jorge Gaxiola (deceased) and since then we have achieved high professional development; constantly improving the quality of the professional services we provide in the various areas of law to our clients. Our firm enjoys an excellent professional reputation in the fields, both nationally and internationally.

The clientele of our Firm covers a wide range of industries, businesses and services, among which we can highlight banks, airlines, real estate developments, such as hotels, condominiums, industrial and tourist subdivisions, high-tech companies, the automotive industry, pharmaceutical laboratories, oil companies, telecommunications, investment institutions, national and foreign investors, and so on.

Our Firm has always responded immediately to legislative changes, in the economic, social, commercial and professional environment, both in Mexico and abroad, which has allowed us to maintain flexibility that is reflected in the optimal quality of services.

The members of our Firm place special emphasis on personal relationships with clients, to always maintain ties of personalized knowledge and mutual respect, which has allowed us to optimize the quality of services.

The Firm’s work requires an imaginative attitude, as well as a high degree of experience, therefore our lawyers have a positive and constructive attitude that leads to a strict client-lawyer relationship, which allows us to provide clear legal advice. and business oriented.

The members of our Firm act quickly and diligently and adjust to changing business situations and the legal world. To also respond to the rapid globalization of business and the consequent need for international services, partnerships have been established with firms in various parts of the world, seeking support to provide the best professional service to clients.