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Ardit & Partners – A leading company in IP field in Albania was founded in early 1995, immediately after the changes in Europe and in Albania , therefore after the liberalization of the services in the field of industrial property in Albania, based on the new Law on the IP which was approved by the Albanian Parliament in 1994.

The New IP Law in Albania provides for the transfer of the representation of the industrial property protection from the state to the private entities.

Our services include a wide area of the business such as: pharmaceutical industry, petroleum technology, mechanical , electrical & electronic technology, display technology,micropocessor bassed systems,computer related,chemical, food stuff, beverages industry, etc.
We provide advisory to our clients in all fields of the industrial property activity from the enforcement of protective rights to the protection and defense of these rights.


The mission of Ardit & Partners is : to assist all Our Clients in the matters of the industrial property, advising them to maintain their quotes in market, protecting their product trade marks, patent and design according to the international rules and agreements, which consequently will bring to them more efficiency, power and business leadership as well. Its mission signifies advising them to be more oriented to the market rules and the recent business competition.

Since eleven years our philosophy “devise” has been always the same :” …we make you stronger… and powerful too “.


With our highly qualified staff , partners and collaborators, (engineers, physicians, biologists, pharmacologists, qualified translators etc.), Ardit & Partners is able to undertake and address with competence and in a short time all the matters of the IP Practice in Albania based on the needs and requirements of our clients.

Ardit & Partners is classified as the Albanian leading specialized company in all the worldwide web directories of this field, like PIPERPAT, EUROPEAN PATENT, etc., that facilitate our partnerships, cooperation and solutions to our clients’ problems demonstrating the high competence and professionalism.

In addition, our direct or indirect relations with WIPO, EPO, OHIM, ALNPO (Albanian National Patent Office) , INTA , Patent and trademark Association & Organization around the world are stabile, goal-oriented and successful.

Ardit & Partners – Providing services in the following areas of law:

Agency and Distributorship
Business and Industry
Business Law
Commercial Law
Commercial Litigation

Corporate Law
Customs Law
Domain Names
Intellectual Property
International Trade
Licensing Law

Pharmaceutical Law
Privatization Law
Trade Secrets