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Angeles & Canlas Law Office

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The ANGELES & CANLAS Law Offices is a professional partnership engaged in the general practice of law in the Philippines. The Firm is divided into four departments: Corporate, Litigation, Taxation and Labor.

Organized on 11 August 1997, the Firm is composed of two partners who have, in the past years, engaged in legal practice in Metro Manila, particularly in Makati City. The partners are former associate lawyers of three prestigious and established law firms in Makati City and, as such, have acted as counsel for several equally prestigious and established companies and conglomerates to which they have rendered services ranging from counseling on corporate finance, corporate acquisitions, mergers and reorganization, joint venture arrangements, securities underwriting and initial public offerings, loan syndication and project financial packaging, foreign investments, banking laws and regulations, taxation and estate planning, asset securitization, communications, transportation and maritime projects, real estate transactions, wills and estate settlement, privatization, government contracts, labor laws and collective bargaining negotiations, patents, trademarks and technology transfer laws, immigration and insurance, to legal representation in civil, criminal and administrative litigation.