Cases related to Termination of Tenancy of Land.

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Mithilesh Kumar Singh Vs. Right Honorable Prime
Minister et. al Ne.Ka.Pa. 2056, No. 7, Decision No. 6746,
Pg. 478: Division of land into two equal halves pursuant to
Section 26 D doesnot amount to the violation of
fundamental rights under The Constitution of Kingdom of
Nepal 1990.


Sonma Devi Telin Vs. Makabul Raja Mansuri
(NKP 2070, Vol.6, Decision No. 9024), The landowner and
tenant cannot be from the same family.


Murali Damini Vs. Galu Damini (NKP 2074, Vol. 3, Decision
No. 9779) The landowner could not expel the tenant under the
Section 29 of the Land Act after the amendment of the act on
2053/9/29 B.S.


Bishnu Prasad Vs. Sitaram Pakka (NKP 2072, Vol. 6,
Decision No. 9419): After the death of the tenant the landowner
may nominate those from the family member of the deceased
upon whom he have a confidence or faith.

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