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Gunnstaks misrepresented my case in so many ways.  He came to the 1st mediation with nothing prepared, did not list important witnesses,  told me one thing and did another, said he was out of his office extended days and said he would not answer my correspondence until he returned! He was not out of his office two days, not over 7-10 days as his office stated.  He picked up his cell phone (1st Mediation) and began searching Google for back up to my case after telling me the night before, that he had everything necessary!  He came to 1st mediation with 4 boxes on his dolly and told me they were for other clients (??).  Later he stated it was discovery for my case.  Problem with that was, discovery was not even ordered until the 1st mediation!  At that point, there wasn’t any discovery information!  There are so many more issues, all of which are backed up by email correspondence from Gunnstaks, even to the point where he reneges on his word.