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Says he cares about people and takes his job serious about being a defense attorney. First he said that he could get the erroneous charges dropped, to which he never even talked to the District Attorney or the police officer. Next my case got moved to a different court and instead of having a preliminary in 15 days after arraignment, we had to wait an extra 45 days because he did nothing to speed things up or even contest the moving of the hearing. Then the preliminary hearing came and he virtually did nothing! I kept asking him to show my evidence to disprove the police officer, but he wouldn’t present it. Also when the officer said what evidence he seen from the alleged victim, I asked Mr. Hoover to ask him to see it, because the law allows for it, but Mr. Hoover didn’t seem to want to do that either. Needless to say that my case got bound over to trial and I somehow got an additional felony charge filed against me.

From the very first week, I uploaded everything that proved my case and innocence and Mr. Hoover said he looked at it and that is why he believed the case would be dropped right away. Today when I was sharing files with another attorney for review I noticed that Mr. Hoover never even looked at the files. I know this because the website has a history when someone logs into view the private files and every file still just stated “invited”.

Money was an issue for my family and I and I was very clear about that, even when I attempted to pay him a chunk on my case he didn’t take it. Now that the case is over and he got all scared at my hearing, he tells me he acted in such a way due to me not being able to pay him the rest of the money I owe him right away.

This guy only cares about one thing and that is money. But I can’t help but also think, that because he showed his true colors in the court room that he wasn’t even capable to being with. At the end of the day it is my fault for not knowing how the system works and it is my fault for not knowing how to hire a decent attorney, but the bottom line is, if an attorney is cheap, that means they are, if they come across like a Dumbass, that means they probably are, and if you don’t got a good feeling about someone, chances are your gut will be right.