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Unsympathetic Domestic Violence Lawyers-don’t go unless you look like you have $ and you’re sure you’ll win!

I experienced a free consultation with this firm. Not trying to be sexist, but if you are
going to have a “blunt” lawyer/whoever speaking with survivors of domestic abuse, maybe don’t have it be a man. Totally unsympathetic (except at the end, I guess, when he apologized for leaving me in tears). Yes, I have a case that doesn’t really have a winning angle, but this person seemed more interested in pointing out all
the ways I had messed up than actually trying to help me. At first, I thought it was because he thought I had no money, but even after I told him I did, he still just wanted to shove me off onto public legal aid. Thanks for nothing but distress–you’re supposed to help people understand the law, not make them feel like idiots for not understanding an extremely confusing system. It was a very rude way of saying what you could have said: “We can’t help you.” Maybe try that, next time.