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These people are the finest thieves in the business. They are able to swindel and loot construction businesses into bankruptcy and are legally savy enough to never have to answer for a bit of it. The owner of this business purchased an expensive board room table from me and paid for the balance of it with a check she then stopped payment on knowing that the litigation time and expense would more than eliminate any profit I would ever see. With the crooked Lewisville detective Scott Kelly in her pocket it was a no brainer if you are a licensed criminal how can you lose. So they conspired and filed a fraudulent police report stating I somehow threatened Mrs Davis and instead of helping me when I reached out to the Lewisville PD for help with the bad check they instead informed me that I had a warrant and should turn myself in. No justice left in America. Not even in Texas. It’s a sad thing when you feel like you live in the medieval era and in ride the aristocracy to loot and take what they want then arrest you to stand for fabricated charges so they are never held to account for any crime. This is United States as it is in this day of December 17, 2021. It is a sad thing. #lewisvillecorruption