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It was the blizzard of January 2015. I was sitting in my car alone wondering how I was going to survive a false criminal charge, innocent me-my record so absolutely clean. I sat there watching the snow fill around my car, not caring anymore just sitting in isolation. Not having a clue that the next day I would meet the Superb Lawyer Edward Palermo who would fit me in the same day for a consult & proceed to save me from the false criminal charge with his Superb Truthful Ethical Representation. When I say Edward Palermo, Esq. did save my life, He truly did. I don’t think I could have survived that strife. I write this review so the next person who is in need, can open up my review & be able to read and call this wonderful Hero and Attorney Edward Palermo, Esq. & received the same help I did. He is my Super Sweet Lifesaver and Hero, who help me & changed my life around when I felt like a zero. He always keeps my confidences to himself & has my trust for life. Thank you forever my Hero.