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Tolin and Tolin, PLLC

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Tolin & Tolin, PLLC is a general practice law firm, focusing on the needs of individual, everyday people.

People that are business owners seek advice from us to merge with another business, set up a partnership, or just get started.

People purchasing real estate get assistance by us verifying property ownership and making sure their loan closes on their purchase.

People getting a divorce or fighting for the custody and support of their children have us stand with them

People, unable to pay their debts, find relief from us when bankruptcy is their best option.

People who want to a clear, resolute estate plan to appropriately give away their assets come to us for peace of mind.

People who have received a traffic ticket or been charged with a crime get hope and someone to fight for them.

People define who we are. We want to help and serve the people of our community.

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