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Shaul-Ran & Co. is one of Israel’s leading Criminal Law firms, and practices in the fields of white-collar crimes and economic law; tax law – criminal and civil taxation; as well as criminal, administrative and disciplinary proceedings with various State authorities.

The Firm was founded by Elad Shaul and Elad Ran, who have practiced law at the State’s prosecution authorities, the Central District Attorney’s Office and the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office in the Ministry of Justice.

The Firm has retained its reputation as a top-tier law firm in Israel and in representing elite clients, including public figures, company owners, directors, public auditors, lawyers, senior Government officials and private clients. Shaul-Ran & Co.

Lawyers have practiced at the State Prosecutor’s Office, the Tax Authority, Israel Police Prosecution Services, as well as at other State authorities.

Economic and White-Collar Offenses
The Firm is a leader in its field and has considerable experience and knowledge in representing suspects and defendants in Criminal cases, economic and white-collar crimes.

Over time, the Firm has represented clients in highly publicized financial cases and recorded impressive and unprecedented results for its clientele.

The Firm works with the client from the first stages of the investigation, onto the arrest proceedings, the hearing before the filing of an indictment, and ending with criminal litigation in the various judicial instances.

The Firm represents businesspeople, senior officials, civil servants and professionals in white-collar crimes, including bribery, fraud, breach of trust, money laundering, securities, antitrust and other criminal offenses.

Litigation is the Firm’s main field of practice. The lawyers of Shaul-Ran & Co. are experienced in appearances before all judicial instances – Magistrate’s Courts, District Courts, the Supreme Court, Disciplinary Courts, and various tribunals.

The litigation team, under the supervision of the senior partners, acts with determination and tirelessness to achieve the client’s goals, while implementing a unique strategy that was tailored to the client’s attributes and meticulous adherence to every detail.

Shau-Ran & co Is one of the best Criminal Lawyer law firms In Israel.