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Separation Agreement and Lawyer in Mississauga for Advice

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Whether you are a common-law partner or a married couple, you have the right to enter into a separation agreement. Unfortunate things can happen with spouses and may lead to the breakdown of their relationships. Nonetheless, spouses may enter into a separation agreement in such a circumstance in Mississauga. This agreement allows the spouses to vary rules related to spousal support and property division. Plus, it is wise to consult a separation agreement lawyer in Mississauga if they decide to separate. Spouses must provide accurate information while entering into this agreement.

When Is the Separation Agreement Valid for Partners in Mississauga?

The separation agreement is valid and applicable when the partners in marriage provide complete and accurate financial disclosure. Here are the conditions regarding the validity of this agreement for spouses as per the Family Law Act:

A court may set aside the contract or provision on its application based on the following:

  • If a party fails to disclose enough assets, debts, or standing liabilities.
  • If a party fails to understand the consequences of this contract and its purpose. Otherwise, in line with the law of contract.

It is wiser to consult a separation agreement lawyer before spouses enter into this contract to avoid any problems.

What Is True about Separation Agreements?

This agreement is for determining the property rights of spouses in cases of a divorce or separation. The spouses must understand their property rights completely they are giving up or earning through this agreement. Additionally, partners can never understand this contract fully unless they provide the complete and accurate disclosure of assets. This is the truth about this important agreement. Spouses should consult a separation agreement lawyer in Mississauga to understand the nature of this contract completely.

Moreover, when parties negotiate regarding spousal or child support, this agreement plays a vital role. It determines the support payments of the spouses for child and spousal support. The parties can skip the spousal support step via this agreement if they wish not to claim it from each other. It also saves time for the spouses because providing all documentation for full disclosure is boring and time-consuming simultaneously. Nevertheless, it is important to provide complete disclosure to ensure the separation agreement remains enforceable. Plus, it is also what the court will want to have to review and enforce the agreement. 

Why Do Spouses Need to Consult a Lawyer in Mississauga for a Separation Agreement?

When parties want to enter into this agreement, the right thing to do is to get independent legal advice. Getting legal advice can help spouses to proceed with their separation without issues. However, it is not mandatory for spouses to take advice from the lawyer to enter into this contract. Still, getting independent legal advice from the lawyer can help parties to understand its terms. They can realize the consequences and nature of this agreement if they avail of a lawyer’s advice.

Moreover, they can ensure that the court will enforce the contract fully. Otherwise, the chances are that the court may set aside some parts or whole of this contract. Plus, that is not what the spouses would want while signing this contract.

A separation lawyer can review this document for spouses. Plus, an attorney will also review the financial disclosure of assets from the spouses. A lawyer can help spouses properly if they provide complete and accurate financial disclosure. An attorney may help spouses with the advice, based on relevant factors otherwise. Moreover, an attorney may not give the best advice if spouses disclose additional debts or assets.


You have the right to enter into a separation agreement as a common-law partner or a married couple in Mississauga. In unfortunate circumstances, spouses may enter into this agreement. This agreement also allows the spouses to vary the rules pertinent to spousal and child support. Spouses need to understand this agreement and disclose the correct information about their assets. Otherwise, the court can put aside a separation agreement. Spouses may agree not to support each other through this agreement. Yet, partners should provide full documentation and accurate information. 

Spouses should take independent legal advice from a separation lawyer in Mississauga regarding this agreement. Plus, an attorney can properly advise the spouses if they provide accurate and complete information. Lastly, make sure you consult a lawyer for advice while entering into this agreement in Mississauga.

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