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Osuya & Osuya Law Firm

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OSUYA LAW AND OSUYA FIRM is a leading law firm in Nigeria, providing comprehensive legal solution services to both the private and public sector. Our Firm is known for being approachable, responsive and efficient.

This Law Firm believes that the professional qualifications of its lawyers are the key to its success. Over the years, the firm has almost exclusively recruited graduates of prestigious law schools in Nigeria and abroad, many of whom have practiced in leading reputable law firms. The breadth of Osuya and Osuya Law Firm lawyers’ expertise is reflected in the scope of our practice. This Law Firm has earned an outstanding reputation both in Nigeria and abroad.


At OSUYA AND OSUYA LAW FIRM, we are poised to providing distinctive services to client across all stages. We are experienced and more than capable of offering legal services to clients even in the hardest situation.

To boost the capacity of our cases, we collaborate as team, with each lawyer bringing his/her own rear insight, skill and professional view to bear. We believe that working as a team of dedicated lawyers is the most effective way to increase our clients’ chances of overcoming their charges and walking away “not guilty”!

OSUYA AND OSUYA LAW FIRM is committed to creating a “one firm” culture, in which our legal professionals with verse expertise and experience spanning various practice areas are prepared to deliver superior results efficiently. This culture has earned Osuya and Osuya law firm an outstanding reputation both in Nigeria and abroad. Because of our aligned culture and well-earned excellent dignity, we are aptly positioned to become one of the leading full service law firms in Africa.

For so many years, Osuya and Osuya law firm has enjoyed vast network of friends and allies who allows us to draw expertise and advice globally.