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NSR (Adv.Prashuram Ghimire )

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Education & Qualification:

I have more than 10 years of experience regarding survey
/field study, teaching political Research with making policy strategy and preparation of guidelines in the field of social, political governance, security & research activities in different sectors. In the fields of learning points of view, I have written many books, research articles and articles on peace & conflict, education, constituent assembly, electoral process and others issues in different journals, magazine and national daily and weekly newspapers.

Research Scholar (Ph.D.) Conflict Management in Nepal
MA, Political Science, Tribhuvan University, 2001 Master Degree in Political Science with South Asia and South-East Asia, International Law, International Relation, Research methodology, and public Administration major fields of studies.
BL, Tribhuvan University, 1998.


Constituent Assembly and its Electoral Process, Restructuring the State, Truth Commission


Capacity Building on Peaceful Means of Settlement Disputes from 21 September 25 September 2006, Social Study Centre & NSR, Kathmandu.
Training on Conflict Resolution and Peace Negotiation of Nepal from 4 July to 14 August 2003, joint organized by School of Research, Switzerland and CTC .
Seminar on Conflict Transformation in Nepal from 28 Janaury to 4 February 2004, joint organized by Political Science Study Center Kathmandu and BHU, India.
Training on Conflict Affected People in Nepal from 7 March to 10 March 2006, organized by National School of Research, Kathmandu.
Research Methodology seminar from 20-21 September 2005, organized by Dean’s Office Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Tribhuwan University Nepal. CV:Parsuram Ghimire
Four Days Orientation training for Case Study Research from 4 to 7 April, 2005, organized by SLC Study/ESAT/MOE/HMG Nepal.
Advanced Leadership Skill Training from 23 Feb to 19 March 2004, organized by Haggai Institute international Training Center, Singapore.
Five days TOT for Decentralization and Good Governance organized by Danida/DASU in 2002.

Attended Two days TOT Training conducted by Pro Public.
Attended in various training and workshop programs about legal issues organized by Legal Society Center Office.
Attended 22 days training on News Reading and Anchoring at Himalayan Kala Mandir.
Obtained three month’s ‘Computer Training’ in “London Computer Institute”, Kathmandu.
Attended two days ‘TOT’ training conducted by Pro Public in 2002.
One-day refreshers training conducted on Public Hearing.
Workshop on Training for Trainers of Research Management conducted by Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC), May 21-24, 2003.
Workshop on Conflict Resolution and Transformation, conducted by NEFAS / FES, May 17-18, 2003.
Seminar on “Conflict Resolution” Johan Galtung visit in Nepal, conducted by NHRC and Pragya.
Seminar on “Conflict Resolution” Johan Galtung’s visiting in Nepal, conducted by Chelsea and Pragya Pragya Foundation.
Seminar on ‘Civic Education in Nepal’, in association with FES / NEFAS.
Orientation on “Civic Socialization of Children”, organized by Pragya Foundation in association with USAID; September 21-22, 2003.
Concluding Ceremony, Resource Persons’ lectures about Civic Socialization of Children, and Prize distribution, organized by Pragya September 26, 2003.
Paper presentation on “Civic Socialization of Children; A Conception”,” Civic Education in Nepal” in Civic Forum.
An orientation on “Participatory Democracy and Research Methodology”, January 4-13, 2004, Nepal Center for contemporary studies (NCCS)/Ford Foundation.
Consultant on constituent assembly: constituent assembly and it is brief analysis, electoral system and international experiences; social inclusion and restructuring the state organized by JUP in association with AAN at staff college Jaulakhel, Lalitpur, December 22 -2006.
Moderator on Social Exclusion and Social Inclusion Research Methodology Workshop organized by National School of Research on 7-9 March 2007, Anamnagar Kathmandu.

Paper, Feb.21-22, 2008. The Present Context of the Constituent Assembly and its Imprtance, Nepali Congress (NC) District Committee, Training Program of Nepali Congress Districts Baglung.

Paper, January 11-12, 2008. Restructuring the Stat; Federlism & Constituent Assembly, Nepali Congress (NC) District Committee, Training Program of NC cadres constituency No. 2, Gorkha

Paper, November 19, 2007. Shanti Samman Tatha Shanti Smarak Nirmana: Aabashyakata,Auchitya Tatha Prkriya, Ministry of Peace & Reconstruction, Post Conflict Social Reconstruction Project, MoPR; Sinhadurbar.

Paper, August 23, 2007. Constituent Assembly: Introduction, Histry of CA Emergence, of its andExperiences. BSS, EDC & SSD; Doti in association with MS Nepal.

Seminar Paper, June9, 2007. Role of Women in Constituent Assembly, Women, Right and Awareness Centre; Gulmi, in association with ANNAGT.

Seminar Paper, March 5, 2006. Constituent Assembly: Necessity and Foundation, Action Nepal; Kathmndu in association with Political Science Study Group.

Career History:

August 2007 onwards
Employer National School of Research
Position Executive Director
Description of Duties Handling official tasks and academic research activities
August 2006 onwards
Employer ‘Dalit Inclusion in Nepali State Governance’ Fellowship, SNV/ (Social Inclusion Research Fund) SIRF
Position Team Member (Senior Research Associate)
Description of Duties Writing Proposals, Reviewing Literatures, Organising Workshops and Orientation, Preparation of Questionnaire, Pretest, Survey, Data Interpretation, Report Writing, and Dissemination
March 2006-July 2006
Employer ‘An Image and Product Survey-2006.’ Embassy of Bangladesh.
Position Research Consultant
Description of Duties Conduct Seminar, Orientation, Preparation of Questionnaire, Pretest, Survey, Data Interpretation, Report Writing, and Publication.
September 2002-January 2006
Employer Khwapa College
Position Lecturer
Description of Duties Teaching Research Methodology, Public Administration, Modern Political Analysis and South East Asia.
February 2002-2004 April
Employer Central Department of Political Science
Position Lecturer
Description of Duties Teaching Research Methodology, Public Administration, and South East Asia.
February 17- March 16, 2004:
Employer Nepal Center for Contemporary Studies (NCCS)
Position Researcher
Description of Duties Preparation of Questionnaire, Pretest and Survey and Report Writing.
July 1st 2003-Jun 2004
Position Research Consultant
Description of Duties Proposal Writing, Preliminary Survey/ Baseline Study of Civic Socialization of The Children, Conduct Seminar, Orientation, Preparation of Questionnaire, Pretest, Survey, Data Processing, Analysis, Report Writing and Publication.
18th July-1st August 2006
Services Action Aid Nepal
Position Consultant
Description of Duties Conduct an evaluation of the progress made so far with special focus on the changes brought about in the lives of the people in the programmes’ area. This evaluation is expected to bring out the achievements, shortcomings, learning and challenges in AAN overall developmental initiates in Sarlahi.
1st -15th November 2006
Services Action Aid Nepal
Position Consultant
Description of Duties Conduct an evaluation of the progress made so far with special focus on the changes brought about in the lives of the people in the programmes’ area. This evaluation is expected to bring out the achievements, shortcomings, learning and challenges of AAN overall developmental initiates in Sarlahi.


Community Rural Development Society-Nepal
Social Movement for Integrated Development – Nepal
National School of Research
Action Nepal
Rudrawatee Research Center
Action aid Nepal

Ghimire, Prashuram, 2007. Sambidhansabha Ra Nirbachana Pranaliharu (Constitutional Assembly and its Electoral Systems). Kathmandu; Eva Ghimire & Evan Ghimie/EVA-N Publication; Kathmandu.
———– 2006. Rajyako Punarsamrachhanako Lagi Sambidhansabha (Constitutional Assembly for Restructuring the State). Kathmandu; IVA-N Publication.
———–2006. Sambidhan Sabhaka Barema Dalitharule Jannaiparne Kehikuraharu (A few Things Must Dalit Understand Regarding Constituent Assembly), JUP; Anamnagar.
———– (et al) 2002. Civic Socialization of the Children; an Orientation Mannul, Pragya Foundation; Kathmandu.

Research Articles published in different journals Magazines News Papers
Peace and Conflict
———-2005. Failed negotiations in Nepal, Afro Asian Peace and Solidarity Organization (AAPSO), AAPSO; Nepal.
———June 2004. Conflict management; Theoretical Perspectives, Monitor (Year 2,No.1, a Bi-Lingual Magazine) Democracy and Human Right Forum (FOHRID); Kathmandu.
———- June, 2005. Creating Nice Milieu for Peace Negotiation, Monitor (Year 3, No, a Bi-Lingual Magazine) Democracy and Human Right Forum (FOHRID); Kathmandu
———-October, 2004. Conflict Management in Nepal; Expectation and Reality, Citizen Voice (Year3;No.3) Kathmandu.
———-Oct/November, 2004. Why Failed Negotiations? – Nazaar Monthly Megazine (Year 2, No.2); Kathmandu.

Constituent Assembly
———-December, 2006. Dwandwa Byabasthapana: Dakshin Afrikasangabata Siknuparne Path (Conflict Management: Lesions From the South Africa) Naulo Loksammati Monthly Magazine (No.2, a complete philosophical perspective); Kathmandu.
————-September, 2006. Rajyako Punarsamrachana Kina Ra Kasari?( Restructuring the State Why and How ?), Citizen Voices Monthly, Magazine (Year3,No.2); Kathmandu.
————-Sept./Oct.,2006. Sambidhan Sabha Ra Dalit Sandarbha(Constituent Assembly and Dalit Context), (No 11), Jana Utthan Monthly Magazine, JUP; Kathmandu.
————November 19, 2007. Loktantatrik Andolanako Auchitya, Abashyakkta Ra Prakriya (Rationale of the Democratic Movements: Needs and Process), Annapurna Post Daily, Kathmandu.
————December 5, 2007. Sambidhansabha Ra Nepal: Janagaranabinako Samanupatik Dharapma(Constituent Assembly and Nepal: Outtrack of the Propotional Except Referendom), Annapurna Post Daily, Kathmandu.

Education/Civic Education
————January 2004. Readers Forum; A Theoretical Persceptives (An Interview with Author), Asian Star Monthly Magazine (Vol. VIII, Year 2) Asian Star Media; Putalisadak.
————September, 2003. Nepalama Nagarik Shikshya Aabashyakata Hoina Aapariharyata (Civic Education in Nepal Not Only Necessity But Also Ascertainity) , Bishwa Khawar Monthly Megazine; Kathmandu.
————November 20, 2003. Nepalama Nagarika Shikshya: Aabashyakata Ra Sandarvikat(Civic Education in Nepal: Necessity and Rationality) Space Times Daily Newspaper; Kathmandu.
————July, 2004.Prasanga Shikshyako: Nagarik Shikshya ra Sarokaraka Bishyaharu(Educational Context: Civic Education and its Concerns), Citizen Voices, Monthly Megazine (Year3, No.2); Kathmandu.

Electoral System/Process
————April, 2004. Prasanga Nirvachanako:Rajanitikdala Andolanama; Sarakara Annyolama(Election Context: Political Parties in Movements and the Governments in Confusion), Citizen Voices, Monthly Megazine (Year3,No.1); Kathmandu.
———March (4), 2007. Samanupatic Suchipranaliko Churo (The Tour of The Proportional Representative System), Nepal, National Weekly Magazine, Kantipur Publications; Kathmandu.
———March 1, 20007. Samanupatik Pratinidhitwa: Ummedawari Soochikarankolagi Chhuttai Kanoon Chahinchha(Proportional Representation: Separate Law for Listing of Candidature), Annapurna Post; Kathmandu.

———June 14, 2007. Sanghiyataka Sansthagat Tatha Samajik Sawal (Social and Institutional Issues of Federalism) , Annapurna Post Daily; Kathmandu.
———August 8, 2007. Sanghiya Pranalika Sambhawana Tatha Chunautiharu (Prospects and Challenges of Federal System), Annapurna Post Daily; Kathmandu.
———Mansir21-27, 2064 (December7, 2007). Switzerlandma Yasto Cha (In Switzerland), Samya National Weekly (Year 4; No.184), Bhreekuti Publication; Lazimpat, Kathmandu.
———-15 July, 2007. Sahakari Sanghiyatama Sahaastitwa (Co-existence in Cooperative Federalism), Kantipur Daily
Smarika Shandesh, Ashwin 2064 (October 2007). Ke Sanghiya Pranalile Rajanitik, Samajik Tatha Sansthagat Sawalharu Hall Garna Sakchha (Does Federal System Resolve the Political, Social and Institutional Issues)? Nepal Students Union; Arghakhanchi–Kathmandu Samparka Samiti.

Areas of Interest
Teaching, Legal Research & Advocacy; Restructuring the state and constituent assembly, Citizenship problems, Social Research, Conflict, Governance and International Studies, Foreign Policy and NIEO, Development and Administration, etc.