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At Morgan, Collins, Yeast & Salyer, we bring the courage you need to go after compensation for your injuries — and get your life back on solid ground. Our personal injury lawyers are proud to stand up for our fellow, hardworking Kentuckians who are facing tough times due to health and money problems. The partners in our firm work directly with our clients. We look at your case from every angle and are prepared to explore every avenue of compensation you deserve, whether that’s a personal injury case, a workers’ comp claim, disability benefits, or a combination of all three. Call us today to put Kentucky Courage™ on your side.

Since Morgan, Collins, Yeast and Salyer opened, our mission has been to help Kentuckians just like you who have been hurt and need a trusted advocate to fight for their best interests. The partners in our firm are committed to providing personalized, one-on-one service to support and encourage you during this difficult time.

We know how much courage it takes to stand up to large insurance companies, employers, and government bureaucracies. Time and again, we have taken cases like yours to trial, appealed unjust rulings, and fought tooth and nail for what is right.

Our personal injury attorneys are locals. We live here in Kentucky. We raise our families in Kentucky. And we are committed to serving the people of Kentucky. In the spirit of Kentucky hospitality, we invite you to get to know the hardworking people who will be working on making things right for you.

After a serious accident, you are probably under a lot of stress financially. You are likely facing expensive medical bills and missing paychecks, and you can easily find yourself in a hole that seems impossible to dig out of.

The thought of hiring an attorney may seem out of the question, but we make that decision easy. Our law firm believes that every Kentuckian deserves a strong legal advocate who cares about them and their situation. A lack of money shouldn’t mean a lack of justice.

That’s why we do not charge any fees upfront for our legal services. You only pay us if we win money for you. Even then, our fee comes as a percentage of the payment we recover for you, rather than out of your pocket. So there should be no worries about how you will pay us.

To learn more, please contact us today. Our lawyers are open and honest about how our contingency fees work, and we will be happy to discuss anything further with you.