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As legal specialist for inheritance in Japan as Gyoseishoshi Lawyer, this website is to give some overview on Japanese inheritence. Certain kind of summery of relevant Civil Code(Act No. 89 of 1896, revised), as well as Act on General Rules for Application of Laws(Act No. 78 of 2006) are included. Latter is only applicable for cross-border inheritance.

Many variations could be there. Followings are quick examples;

  • Foreign national decedent with assets left in Japan including real estates. Heirs live outside of Japan, then face difficulty for handling inheritance process.
  • Japanese spouse decedent who lived permanently lived outside of Japan, with assets left in Japan. Some of heirs are foreign nationals and also live outside of Japan. Inheritance process will need certain difficulty even for proofs.
  • Foreign national parent passed away. Child was born between ex-spouse and decedent and has Japanese nationality. Decedent left assets outside of Japan.

Practice Areas

  • Division agreement among heirs in accordance with Japanese inheritance law
  • Drafting Will in accordance with Japanese law, especially Notarized Will
  • Execution of inherited assets with Japanese financial institutions as an attorney-in-fact
  • Relevant consultations involving Japanese inheritance law including writing memorandum