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Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm

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When you need a lawyer it’s because you need a lawyer – and finding the right lawyer is the most important decision you’ll make. You deserve a fighter on your side: a former prosecutor who will fight for your rights and freedom in the courtroom but also knows how to negotiate a dismissal. You deserve a tough smart attorney who knows her stuff and takes your case as seriously as you do.

Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm fights for the rights of citizens throughout Texas. With more than two decades of legal experience under her belt, Mary Beth Harrell has dedicated her career and her practice to protecting those accused of criminal offenses – with understanding, professionalism, and complete legal savvy.

We understand that if you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, you likely have a lot to lose. When you’re searching for an attorney, you may be stressed out, scared, and wondering what’s going to happen next. Will you lose your job, your military career, your children, your rights, or your freedom? Our legal team is here to answer your questions and fiercely protect you as we guide you through the justice system.

At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, you can find that lawyer, and a whole lot more – an entire team of attorneys and legal professionals dedicated to protecting and upholding your rights, and fighting for a better future. Whether you’re facing felony charges, need assistance with divorce, your child custody or child support order, we are ready to fight for you. We are ready to protect you, your right to drive, your professional licensing, your career, or your time with your children, we are ready to fight for you. With offices throughout Central Texas, Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm is always nearby when you need us the most.

It doesn’t take much to get arrested – but it does take a lot to be convicted. That’s because the prosecutor has to prove you’re guilty. We know how to hold a prosecutor’s feet to the fire. Remember – Mary Beth Harrell used to be one. So our goal is to build case for dismissal. But we also know that some types of criminal charges – even if a person is found not guilty, or the charges are dismissed – have a way of tainting a person for the rest of his or her life.

At Mary Beth Harrell Law Firm, we do our level best to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We understand the collateral damage that a felony charge can have, and we fight to keep your record and your name clean and clear. Contact us if you are facing charges for: