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El Paso sits on the beautiful Rio Grande River in the far Western Corner of Texas.

It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. With a population that has doubled in the last few decades, economic opportunities in our region continue to expand.

Unfortunately, that expansion also means an increase in the risk of accidents. Residents, visitors, and employees must be cautious on roadways.

At Flores, Tawney & Acosta P.C., our personal injury lawyers in El Paso, TX, are proud to support the area.

We have an office located on North Mesa Street at East Rio Grande Avenue, just four blocks from the heart of Downtown El Paso. Our attorneys strive to provide top-quality legal representation to clients throughout the region.

Flores, Tawney & Acosta, P.C. is a personal injury law firm that serves clients in New Mexico and Texas with offices in Las Cruces, Albuquerque, Carlsbad, and El Paso. Practice areas include car and truck accidents, oil field injuries, workplace injuries, brain injuries, product liability, sexual abuse, wrongful death, and more.

Our El Paso personal injury lawyer team handles a wide range of injury cases, and, while your claim is unique, there are some common features that these accidents share.

They are all based upon the careless acts of another person. In legal terms, these claims rely on negligence, so there are four essential elements you must prove.

You need to show that the responsible party had a duty to exercise reasonable care, so as to avoid causing a risk of harm to others;

You must establish that this person breached the legal duty of care;
You have to prove that there is a link between the breach and your injuries and that you would not have received injuries if the responsible party had complied with the duty of care; and,
You need to show damages as a result of your injuries.