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Delhi Law Chambers is Law Firm in India, established in Delhi and Chandigarh in year 2003, which has been duly recognised by the Supreme Court of India. Law firm has dealt and dealing with both Civil and Criminal cases in Courts of law in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and Delhi. It has dealt large number of cases involving property dispute, inheritance/succession, mutations of properties, partition, possession and declarations of title in property as well as Landlord-Tenant disputes, especially for vacation of NRI landlord properties from tenant.

Partners of the firm has dealt with number of Matrimonial, custody of children and divorce cases, also the criminal disputes arising out of such matrimonial cases like dowry cases, cheating and embezzlement of dowry articles etc. Getting anticipatory bail and setting aside orders of declaring a Non-resident Indian as proclaimed offender, inspite of the fact that the FIR itself is lodged against NRI when he was living abroad and does not know anything about such FIR.

Our Strength

The firm has a vast experience in dealing with the land disputes, civil disputes, inheritance disputes in the families as well as matrimonial disputes.The Firm is also dealing with criminal cases, especially the White Collar Crimes and criminal cases arising out of family disputes. We have special experience in dealing with cases of NRI’s whose properties have been grabbed by their friends, relations or the tenants. We have dealt with number of cases where NRI’s have been deprived of their inheritance by their family members in India. The cases of matrimonial disputes, child custody, dowry disputes of NRI’s. Problems of number of NRI’s who have been declared as Proclaimed Offenders and are unable to visit India have been solved successfully. The firm is, therefore, well conversant with the pulse and problems of NRI’s.