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We continue to grow with our clients. Thank you … We would like to thank our clients for their important contribution to the success of our office. Thanks to the trust of our clients in our Office, our Office has achieved very important successes in its history.

Our Office, which was established in 1966, started its international activities in the 70s by providing legal support for the projects of three major Turkish contractors in Libya and Saudi Arabia.
Still in the 70s, The Firm, one of the regional banks in Turkey has provided legal services in the transition to a national bank status. With this unique experience, our Office started to work in the banking sector and gained knowledge in the field of banking.

80s, our Office along with the increase in foreign capital investments in Turkey, the foreign clients who are planning to invest in Turkey has started to provide legal services under foreign investment legislation and incentives.

In the 90’s, our Office had the opportunity to diversify and develop the areas it serves, including local and international arbitration issues. The increasing work of our office in the field of arbitration has required the establishment of a separate arbitration department and our arbitration department has become internationally recognized with its work.

In the early 2000s, our Office provided a legal service to a multinational telecommunications company for the collection of large amounts of receivables from a large Turkish group of companies. The success of our office in the telecommunications sector continued with the privatization of Türk Telekom, which was chosen as the most successful privatization of Central and Eastern Europe.
Again in the 2000s, our office has been involved in the privatization of Erdemir and other major projects such as Tupras in Turkey.

In 2005, the Tax Department was established in our office to provide tax consultancy to our clients.
And, now, with the 21st century, we have been providing our legal services in Labor Law, Real Estate Law, Intellectual Property Law, Tax, Protection of Personal Data, Product Liability, Litigation, Local and International Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Anti-Corruption and Compliance and Corporate Management. we continue to diversify and develop it to include.