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Since its establishment back in the early eighties, Jihad El-Shareef & Associates has been recognized as one of the most successful leading law firms in Jordan. Since that day, we have been committed to providing the most effective legal services to a wide variety of clients in various areas of law. Our team is made up of some of the most skilled and qualified attorneys in the region, who work together to make the most of their different academic and professional backgrounds. Together, our team brings extensive expertise and experience in all areas of legal practice, in addition to having established solid partnerships with various major international law firms, which allows us to extend the highest quality services to all of our clients worldwide.

Over the years, Jihad El-Shareef & Associates has been able to maintain full customer satisfaction because of its dedication to unparalleled quality and sound firm practices, such as high transparency and efficiency. Whether it be in litigation or legal advice or in alternative dispute resolutions such as conciliation, mediation and arbitration, we have always gone above and beyond all expectations. In addition, we have been dedicated to fostering strong personal relationships with our clients, whether they be individuals or corporations, which is why our client retention rates are second to none; several of whom having been with us since our establishment.

Our Vision & Values:

At Jihad El-Shareef & Associates, our vision is to continue to successfully grow and further gain international recognition as one of the prime examples of legal excellence in the region.

We believe that the key to our success is remaining dedicated to our core values which have guided us; continuously reminding us of our important role in society. These values include trust, honesty, transparency, respect, commitment and hard work.

We promise to always stick to these core values, in addition to many others. This, together with our proven history, clear vision and solid values, will allow us to further solidify our position as one of the top law firms in the region, which is one of great potential and rapid growth, and continue growing.

What do we promise our clients?

We believe that people and companies should be selective in choosing the best law firm to entrust their businesses and lives with. Why settle for less when you can go with the best? This is why we guarantee that we will always give our clients unparalleled attention and quality service that they will be fully satisfied with, through working in full coordination with them.

Our track record of keeping our promises, and giving our clients our undivided attention has given us loyal clients who always come back and refer others.

Areas of law:

Car Accident
Civil Litigation
Civil Rights
Criminal Defense

Criminal Law
Family Law
Human Rights
Intellectual Property

Motor Vehicle Accidents
Motor Vehicles
Social Services Law