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Adv.Ganesh Dahal

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Education & Qualification:

LL.M International Environmental Law
TU Nepal 2008-2010 First
M.A. Political Science
TU Nepal 2001-2003 Second
B.ED. E.C.D. (Early Child hood Development)
TU Nepal 2002-2004 Second
B.L. Law
TU Nepal 1998-2000 Second


Special personal skills and competencies:

• Experties on environmental law
• Sound knowledge on company rules and regulations
• Great knowledge on act, regulation, plicies etc. drafting
• Sound knowledge on legal document drafting
• Expertise on advocacy as a lawer
• Sound knowledge for research and publications
• Knowledge on conflict management
• Experiences of case study and legal writing


1. Participation on workshop Relating to International Law and Climate Change organized by Indian Contemporrary Society (ISIL) on 2008 in New Delhi, India.
2. Participation on Skill Oriented group Formation Training through Regional Agriculture training center on Feb.1996.Sunsari, Government of Nepal.
3. Participation on Solid Waste Manegment Training by environment department under the Kathmandu Metropolitan City on july 2005, Government of Nepal.
4. Traing of Trainers (TOT) relating to foreign employment orientation under the office of Vocational and Skill Development Training, Lalitpur on Aug. 2013, Government of Nepal.
5. Training on Environmental Law under the appeal court bar association, Patan, Lalitpur in June 2011.
6. Participation on various national and local seminar, workshop and training.

Career History:

Total Year of Experience as an Advocate: 12 Years

1. Advocate (From 2002 – till the date)
Organization: Nepal Bar Council (Bar Council is an umbrella organization of Nepalese Lawers)
Duty Station: Jana Jyoti Law Firm, Anamnagar, Kathmandu

• To draft the cases like Firad Patra, Pratiuttar Patra, different kinds of Nibedan Patra, PIL case and various types of Deeds.
• To plead in the court on behalf of parties and Submit the Bahasnote in the Bench.
• To make a various types of documents like Memorendoms, Regulations, Statues (BIDHAN), Minutes etc. and submit the concern office of the government of Nepal.
• To write the case and paper basically in environmental related issues as well as Present the paper as a environtal legal export.
• Collection the issues concerns to the environment voilations
• Write the case and paper basically in environmental related issues, Present the paper as a environtal legal export.

2. Notary Public (June 2012 – till date)
Organization: Nepal Notary Public Council, Kupandol, Lalitpur
Duty Station: Janajyoti Law Firm, Anamnagar, Kathmandu

• To certify the copy of original documents.
• To verify the original documents.
• To verify all the legal original documents
2. Company Secratory (April 2010 – till date)
Organization: Liverpool International College
Duty Station: New Baneshwar, Kathmandu

• To manage and maintains company documents
• To call the meeting of BOD of company
• To make minute and all types of legal documents
• To keep all legal information related to company and maintain the records
• To ensure communication, reporting and documentation
• To performed other works related to company secratory rules

3. Member of task force (March 2009 –June 2009) – 4 months
Organization: Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (conflict violated people’s record collection task force of ex-combatants) Nepal
Duty Station: Singhadarbar, Kathmandu

• To find out the violated ex combatants people
• To maintain the record of collected information
• To coordinate with team for find out the facts
• To prepare the detail action plan of data and record collection
• To submited to the record to the government of Nepal.

4. Administrative & Legal Officer (Feb. 2003 to June 2005) – 29 months
Organization: United Service Pvt.Ltd.
Duty Station: Shifal, Kathmandu

• To supervised all staff and solid waste collectors
• To operate office and day to day activities according to office administrative rules and regulations
• To supervised for separation, composting and managing solid waste
• To make legal document and updated to the company
• To involved data collection, tabaulation, analysis report preparation

5. Supervisior (Oct. 1996 to March 1997) – 6 months
Organization: Poverty Elimination and Rural Development Programe (PERDEP) Nepal (Local NGO registered in Dhankuta)
Duty Station: Mudhebas VDC, Dhankuta

• To supervised enumaters
• To support to data collection and social survey
• To involved tabaulation and analysis
• To reporting about data collection

B. Affiliation:

1. Coordinator of Environmental Law Committee, Appealate Court Bar Association, Patan (From 2013 – till the date)
2. Member of Environment Law Comitee, Nepal Bar Association, Ramshahpath, Kathmandu (from Feb. 2011).
3. General Secratory- Environmental Development & Conservation Legal Forum – NGO, Kathmandu (from May 2010)
4. Founder President- Basic Social Development Program – NGO, Lalitpur (from July 2004)
5. Legal Advisior and consultant (More than 15 Neplese company)


C. Research and writings:

1. A study on solid waste Management, laws and practices in Nepal. 2067 B.S. (Academic Research in LL.M.)
2. Political Conflict & its Resolution in Nepal, 2060 B.S. (Academic Research in M.A.)
3. A study on the impact of Environment from growth vehicles in Kathmandu velley, 2058 B.S. (Academic Research in BL.)
4. A study on the Problems of System of Agricultural Debt in Nepal, research paper 2068 BS.
5. A study on the problematic loan file of Gorkha Development Bank on the crisis period 2068.
6. Paper writing, presenting and publishing releted to environmental issues.

D. Publications:

1. Proffetional Ethics & Lawyering Skill 2070 B.S. (Course Book for LL.B. third Year).
2. Tourism Mirror 2068 B.S. (Tourism laws & related other matters, a compile book)
3. Various aspects of foreign employment, 2066 B.S. (Act & Rules special, a compile book)
4. Menufesto of political parties & results of the constitutional assembly election in 2064 B.S. as a historical document. (A compile book)